The Eden project

Rhea wakes up in the back of a moving van with a mysterious boy called Eden and neither of them can remember how they got there or where they're going.

When they are thrown into a twisted project run by a underground gang they will be pushed to their limits. Their lives are at stake at every moment.
What will happen when they begin to plot their great escape? And will they sacrifice others to save themselves?


2. chapter 2

My eyes open rapidly when I begin to feel the wheels rolling to a stop.

"Shit what do we do?!" I whisper harshly.

I can feel Eden's small breaths hitting my cheekbone.

"Fight and run."

Chills race up my spine as I hear two car doors slam shut followed by footsteps on gravel.

The chain begins to rattle like my shallow breaths in my ribcage and I hold onto Eden's bloodstained sleeve.

I feel him move, edging closer to the door as I hear a padlock drop to the floor.

My aching feet follow him, and his hand reaches for me, meeting my collarbone.

He's signalling me to stop.

Suddenly light spills into the van, beaming around Eden's silhouette in front of me.

I watch as he jumps forward out of the van, grunting as I hear a thump.

My legs push off the van floor and touch rough stones.

Pick yourself up rhea. Get up.

A gloved hand weaves itself around my forearm and drags me forward Into the night; my first instinct is to punch.

My right arm swings into a chest and I begin to kick once I'm on my feet, pulling my arm from his grip.

Eden's grunts and groans merge with another's as I hear them fighting just metres away.

"LET GO!" I screech as I aim for the silhouette's face in the dark. I hit his cheek but he barely flinches.

The torchlight that had previously blinded us in the van is now on the floor. I twist my body, reaching for it so I can hit whoever is grabbing me, but a forceful kick to the stomach winds me. A painful groan escapes my mouth as I collapse to the ground, my hands brushing the gritty floor.

I hear another body fall down beside me as my hands are pinned behind my back.

"GET OFF ME!" Eden shouts, his voice surprisingly powerful as he lies face down in on the stones.

My coughs echo as our hands are tied, the rough plastic cutting into my wrists.

"The Nova's are secured...yes...we are outside now" one man speaks into a phone. His voice is deep and rough, with a hint of a foreign language weaved into the words.

"Orion wants us to bring them to him straight away" he then says to the other man who towers behind me.

A strong hand grips the plastic binding on my hands and drags me backwards, forcing me to stand up.

The man who had been on the phone picks up the torch and shines it in our faces.

I catch a glimpse of Eden. The torch light flickering in his enraged eyes.

We are pushed forward to a large concrete building that stands only two stories high.

A code is entered into a lock before a garage door rolls up. The metal cranking loudly as we are taken in.

Low lights eerie shadows in the open space. I see a figure approaching us from a door in the right hand corner.

"Orion is eager to see them" he says to the men who hold us.

"We've done alright here haven't we archer?" The man smirks behind me.

"They are decent fighters too" the other one adds.

We are lead through the door into another room.

I count 5 people. Each loaded with a gun in their belt.

A lump builds in my throat as a tall, broad man walks into the room.

I turn to face Eden.

He has a strong chiselled jaw and his brown hair is matted with blood. His green eyes catch mine for a second before we are pushed forward.

"I hope you two had a pleasant journey here" the tall man says slowly, his thin lips curling into a sinister smile.

Neither of us say anything.

He sits on the table in front of us as the other men eye us analytically.

"You know.. you are very important to us" his says as he twirls a small knife in between his fingers.

I'd say he's around 50, tanned leathery skin with black hair. He looks of Italian or Spanish origin and his voice suggests also.

Suddenly he stands up, pushing his face scarily close to mine as he begins to weave his fingers through my tangled hair.

My eyes stay fixed on his as I desperately try to show the little strength I have i me.

He removes his hand from my hair and traces it painfully across my jaw before gripping it harshly.

I let out a small whimper accidentally and Eden huffs heavily, his fists clenching behind his back.

"We got a pretty one boys" he smiles pervertedly. Similar smirks make their way onto the surrounding men's lips as they look me up and down.

This is horrible.

"Someone's matured well" he smirks as his hand lowers down to my chest. My body beginning to shake and I close my eyes tightly.

"Get off her!" Eden suddenly spits.

The tall man - who I'm guessing is Orion - turns to face Eden, his hand falling back to his side.

My eyes open and I painfully await his next move.

Orion steps towards Eden.

"What makes you think..

That you have any authority over me?"

Eden spits at him and tenses angrily.

Orion doesn't look happy. At all.

"Go on then! Hit me!" Eden shouts.

To my surprise, Orion laughs.

Eden's face drops.

"That would be way too easy" Orion smirks, his left hand suddenly wrapping around my throat.

I gasp violently as his fingers press into my neck.

"Let go of her!" Eden shouts angrily as he struggles with the man holding him.

Orion's other hand trails along my jeans and presses tightly between my legs, causing me to scream.

But all that comes out is a high pitched cry as his grip closes in on my windpipe.

"Don't touch her! Get the fuck off her!" Eden shouts, his arms wriggling in in the plastic binding.

I start to taste blood in my mouth.

Finally Orion let's go.

My lungs plead for air and my legs droop beneath me. A mix of blood and spit drips from my lips as I pant like a helpless dog on a leash.

"Put them in the cell" Orion says as he points the knife towards the door.

We are lead into a small room with no windows that holds two small mattresses and a metal toilet with no seat.

Two metal chains are grated into opposite walls with chunky cuffs on one end.

"Sit down" one man spits as our shoulders are pushed down, forcing us to our knees.

I watch as the men place the thick cuffs around our ankles; the metal is cold against my pale skin and I jump as it is locked together.

Once we are secured, the plastic is cut from our wrists and then men walk to the door.

"Why are we here?" I ask before the men shut the metal door.

One turns around to face me.

"You're here to help us."

Eden's chain rattles as he stands up and walks to the door. However, he is stopped about a 4 feet away from it as the chain runs out of slack.

"Ehhgggh!" He grunts as he makes his way back to me.

"Why would they need our help?" I ask quietly.

I feel Eden's eyes on me as he stands still in the centre of the dimly lit room.

I run my fingers over the bracelet of bruises around my wrists and pick away the fraying skin.

Eden sits on top of one of the old mattresses and holds his head in his hands.

"Are you still bleeding?" I ask timidly, waiting for his response.

I watch as his hand trails around his head, patting it gently.

"I don't know but it freakin hurts"

I stand up and wander to where he sits before crouching in front of him.

"Let me take a look."

I pull his crusted hair from around the wound as he winces.

A small but deep cut is hidden in his scalp.

"It's pretty deep but its definitely stopped bleeding" I conclude.

He tilts his head back up again to face me, his forehead and neck stained with his dry blood.

"What time do you think it is?" I ask him as I sit down on the mattress alongside him.

"I'm not sure, we could have been in the van for hours.."

"...its definitely night though."

I nod my head, remembering the cold night sky as we were dragged along the gravel drive.

"I was only meant to be 10 minutes" I murmur, tears beginning to well up in my eyes at the thought of my mum at home.

Eden turns to look at me. I don't look back.

Instead, I watch my tear splash against the itchy mattress; mum will be so worried.

"I was coming back from football practice, that's all I remember" Eden adds.

We sit in silence for a few minutes, my eyes fixed on the floor and my arms hanging off of my knees.

I think we both decided to stay awake that night, because we knew that even if we wanted to sleep, we wouldn't be able to.

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