A Dog, And His Friend.

Dogs, dogs are amazing. Loosing a best friend is terrible.


2. Starting To Worry

I've been having some problems with my breathing, and I sneeze a lot. He brought me to the vet today, and I have an air pocket in my nose, but it's usually in the lung so I'm lucky. My owner was told to stay in touch with the vet, and give me special pills. It's hard to take them because you mix them with water. Today we played ball, and it was harder. I was breathing harder, that's why. After playing ball, we went inside and had dinner. My owner had Spaghetti, and I had some dog food, and my owner gave me some meat to be nice. I finished before him, so I licked my lips and watched my owner eat. He let me have a piece of meatball, it was pretty good. After supper, we'd cuddle as usual, and he'd watch sports. His favorite team one, and he got up from the couch dancing! I barked as he clapped! He said to me, "One more show and I'm going to bed." We watched a game that lasted two hours, so I liked it. After that, we headed off to bed. I slept close to him.

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