A Dog, And His Friend.

Dogs, dogs are amazing. Loosing a best friend is terrible.


4. Goodbye, Bud.

We went to the vet today. My dog days were over, as this was my last. He brought my favorite ball so I could see it. Whenever my owner looked at me at the vet, tears came to his eyes, and he was going to cry. We had an hour together, and that was it. He pet me on the head slowly. He talked to me, in a calm voice. "I'm sorry Bud. We've had so much fun for so many years.. But you're being called to leave earth now.." He pet me on the head some more. Oh, owner. I wish I could talk. We've had so much fun, even when you forced me to ride in the car, and do things I didn't like. I love you so much, but now I'm old, sick and hurting. I just wanted you to know I care.. Thank you, and goodbye. My owner kissed me on the head and stroked it. The vet came in and was given the okay, and after a minute or so I was gone. I could hear the echos of my owner crying, and then it was silent.

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