When Two Different worlds Collide

What happens when Albus Potter marries Athena, goddess of wisdom and they have a child?
Harry Potter and Percy Jackson fanfic


1. The Special Child

One sunny day in July, a baby girl was born. Her name was Nicole Belle Potter. This was a very special child. She was a daughter of Athena, but also the daughter of Albums Severus Potter. Nicole had two sisters, Parker Anne Potter and Marie Star Potter. When Nicole was born her sisters were very excited. Nicole had curly brown hair and beautiful green eyes. One morning, when Nicole was two Parker found her reading Marie's book for eight year olds. Parker usually read the book to Marie. Parker was super proud! Her two year old sister could read! A few weeks later Parker asked Nicole "Are you ready for our party?" Since their birthdays were so close, they shared a party. Every year Nicole would repliy "Yah sissy yah!" "Good! Because I have it all planned out!" Parker would repliy. Later that day, Nicole and Marie in the kitchen helping Parker make cupcakes. They were making red velvet cupcakes because they were Nicole's favorite. Then their father walked in. " Who do you want to invite?" He asked. "Dawn, Eyvera, Penelope, Sarah, James and Rose." Parker repliyed.

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