This is pieces from our fantasy Role Play. I only wrote two characters which are Zelena and Alyssia. The other characters are written by my friends. If you would like to join search up Fantasy RP by BB and ask to join and then when you're accepted fill out a form.


2. Chapter 1

Zelena woke up and started screaming, Scar got her and started feeding her.

Zelena fell asleep and shapeshifted into a baby wolf. She was such a little cutie. She woke up and started screaming again. She crawled over to Alyssia’s dead body and said.


Zelena turned to Lilith and said.


Then she turned to Scar and said.


Scar then said.

“Since she doesn’t have a mother I’ll care for her like any other pup.”

Then Zelena said.


She pointed for Lilith and said.


Then she reached for Jake and said.


Lilith cocked her head and said.


         Zelena grew and was happy. Scar, Lilith and Jake are still raising her. We doubt Jacob will ever come back. 

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