This is a short story that ties into one of my other Movellas. The main character is one of the story's main antagonists. It will make perfect sense if you have never read the other Movella ;) if you like this make sure to read Fire, Water, Earth, and Air. (This is a completed story) Mara Wells has a very bad reputation in the world of abnormals. Her gory backstory is only the start.

Mara grew up is a small town in Nebraska. Her parents thought they had the perfect daughter but what they didn't know is their 'perfect daughter' is very unstable. Mara is a cold blooded killer and plans to go out in a bang after she is the mastermind in the killings of a dozen locals in the small town. Also, Mara has a special ability that helps her show her peers that she is the one on top.


1. Mara Wells

"Mara!” he yelled. “Snap out of it! We need to go! Mara, now!”

Mara rolled her eyes. “Chill out, Dom.” she sneered. She turned her eyes back on their victim. “I want to watch.” she said smiling softly. The boy’s dead eyes were opened wide with terror.

“We have to go!” Dom hissed.

“She’s right, Dom. Chill out. We have a second. Let her finish.” Kale backed her up.

“What was his name again?” Mara asked softly.

“Tray.” Dom answered. “I think.” He took a step closer to her and trembled. “Mara, I don’t think I can do this anymore. My mom is sick, Mara. She wouldn’t want me to be doing this.” he paused. “Please, just let me go.”

She finished watching the young man bleed out. Dom was a weak link, that was true. There was no way she was letting him get out though. She took a deep breath and let it out slowly. Then turned to him and smiled. Kale, Ben, Ty, and Vicky stud and watched. Dom took a step back and trembled. Mara laughed out loud. “Do you think you can escape, Dom?” she walked over to him. He tried to run just then. Kale and Ty shoved him back. They were in a dark alley. It was mid July in a small town in Nebraska.

Dom was backed up against the wall now. His pale skin shined from the moon light. It was hard to find these kids. She wasn’t letting them go. “Just let me walk away, Mara.” Dom tried to be brave.

“Or what?” she asked then smiled.

“Or else.” Dom spoke. Vicky laughed in the background.

“Or else what?” Mara asked curiously.

“I’ll tell.” he threatened. “I’ll tell that you are the psycho killer going around town.”

Mara scrunched her nose and laughed deeply. The laugh was from deep in her chest like all of her laughs. “But you see, Dom. You are the psycho killer too. Don’t you remember? You are part of this too.” she said softly in his ear. Mara put her face inches away from his and put a hand on his neck and pushed back slamming his head against the brick wall. “Don’t forget who I am, Dom.” she hissed right in his face. Dom was crying now.

“I’m sorry.” he said looking at her but not quite looking at her. Mara leaned in and kissed him on the cheek.

“Good boy.” she said happily. She turned back to the rest of her crew of misfits. “Let this be a lesson to y'all.” Mara said to the rest of them. Kale smiled at her and Vicky nodded. Ty and Ben just stared. She razed her eyebrows at Ty and Ben. Then they nodded quickly. They were her’s. All of them. “Now go home.” she commanded. Then they walked away.

Mara was different. Very different in many ways. First off, she was crazy, she knew very well of this. More then crazy, much more. Demented. Mad. Deranged. All the words a person could think of that meant insane. Also, she could do some pretty strange things. At a young age she discovered she could control fire and sometimes water. Who else knew what she could do?

Her parents were very against going to therapists and doctors for mental things. So, she never really got any help or was never diagnosed. Not that anybody could help her. Not now, she was to far in the hole. In this small town in Nebraska there was no room for misfits. Misfits, that’s just what her and the rest of her gang were; a group of crazy misfits lead by an even more crazy teenage girl who killed people for no big couse.

When she was little, Mara used to play outside and look for animals while her parents were at work. When she would find something, like a mouse. She would take it in the house and ether boil it or microwave it alive. She would just watch. When her mom would make super Mara would sit and watch, and when she worked up the courage she would tell her mom something was wrong with her. Of course, That was a long time ago. Now Mara was happy with the way her brain worked. Her mom would sigh and say ‘sweetheart, there is absolutely nothing wrong with you.’ Mara didn’t talk to her mother anymore. Mostly because Mara knew what her mom was doing. Late at night her mom would sneak out and go to her other boyfriends house. If only her mom knew what she was doing late at night.

Mara was alone in the dark alley now. She took out her lighter and made a small flame. She put the flame close to her hand and transferred it to her fingertips. She started to walk and hum to herself. She glanced back at the lifeless body. She chuckled softly. “Poor sap,” she said to herself. “Shouldn't have been out this late.” Then she continued to hum to herself. It was the song ‘Mad Hatter’ by Melanie Martinez. She watched as the flame danced across her fingers.

When she got close to the corner to turn out of the alley she got rid of the flame and put the lighter in her pocket. As she walked her long brown curls bounced. She had big dark eyes that were surrounded by long dark eyelashes and big cheek bones that were covered in freckles. She had a perfect nose and big and soft lips. She had a very innocent looking face. Mara hated it. Mostly because it was her mother’s face.

Mara turned the corner of the alley and Kale was there. He grabbed her and kissed her hard. She played along at first but after a few seconds she pushed him away. He smiled at her. He had a very simple look to him. The average brown hair and brown eyes. Mara knew he was far from average. He was the town’s very own ‘bad boy’. To other people he was mysterious but to her, he was just another one of her minions. She knew everything about every single one of them. From their tragic backstories to the type of cereal they eat for breakfast.

“What are you doing?” she asked curiously.

“I believe it’s called, ‘Making a Move’.” he said grinning at her. She laughed and shook her head. Then she started to walk to the direction of her house. He followed. It was quiet and the few street lights and the moon were the only things providing light. A few cars and trucks moseyed around with their headlights on minding their own business.

“Why are you following me, Kale?” she questioned, she turned to face him.

“Maybe I’m not done making my move.” he talked back to her. She glared hard at him. “I’m sorry, your majesty.” he took a step closer to her. “Is that what you want to hear?”

He wasn’t scared of her. Mara didn’t like that. At the moment that didn’t matter. She put a hand on the back of his head and kissed him. They stayed like that for a while. They were now down the street from the alley where the body was. The dead boy lay behind a dumpster, so hopefully no one would find it till the next day.

“Hey!” a voice shouted. Kale flinched and pulled away from her.

“Oh no. Mara, what do we do?” he asked, losing his cool for a few seconds.

“Come down.” Mara hissed.

“Hey, you kids!” it was a man with a flashlight across the street. Most likely law enforcement. He started to walk to them.

“Do we run?” Kale asked her.

“No.” Mara answered not making eye contact with Kale.

“What do you think you kids are doing out this late? With all that has been going on?” the cop asked them. Mara practically snarled at him. She felt the overwhelming urge to make him burst into flames. “Mara, is that you?”

“Officer, Peter Henline.” Mara said frowning at him. She had a particular hate for the man because the very man her mother slipped off to most nights. Obviously not tonight. That meant her mother would be waiting for her. At that thought her heart dropped and she felt like breaking something.

“What are you kids doing?” he asked again.

“Taking a walk.” she answered bluntly.

“Alright then. I will let this pass as a warning. How’s your mother?” he asked Mara. She smiled and laughed a little.

“Oh, you could ask her yourself. My father is just fine though, thanks for asking.” she lowered her voice and leaned closer to him. “But that’s only for the moment isn’t it? I can’t say the same for when the word gets out.”

He looked at her for a long time with a mix of shock and anger. Mara laughed again. “Get back home.” he said softly and turned to go back across the street.

“What was that all about?” Kale asked her.

“Don’t you worry about it my darling.” her eyes followed Peter down the street. “Don’t you worry.” Mara then started to walk. Kale followed her.

“Kale, your house is in the other direction.” she pointed out. She turned to face him once again.

“I think I should walk you home. There are all sorts of crazies out here at night.” he told her. She kissed him once again.

“Kale, we both know I am the crazy.” she gave him a toothy grin and walked in the other direction.

“See you tomorrow crazy pants.” he said with his hands in his pockets. Hopefully there were no emotions he had for her Mara thought, because she knew deep down she was not capable of returning any of those emotions. She began to hum again. “Over the bend, entirely bonkers,” she sang softly to herself. “Tell you a secret, I’m not alarmed. So what if I’m crazy? The best people are.” she sang. Then began to hum again. Then she started to laugh.

“I think I just figured out who my next victim will be.” she whispered to herself. Mara continued to walk. Her house was about two more blocks away. She could see it already. Her mother sitting in the kitchen asking her where she has been. Just the thought of her mother made her shake with anger.

Her house was right in front of her now. She looked at it for a long time. There wasn’t much of a chance of her getting to her bedroom window. Oh well. She opened the front door and sur enough, her mom was sitting at the table.

“Where have you been?” her mom asked without looking at her.

“I took a walk.” Mara said and tried to walk down the hall to the stairs. Her mother jumped up and blocked her path. “Get out of my way.” Mara threatened inches from her mother’s face.

“Officer Peter seen you with that boy.” she sounded like she was going to cry.

“Wow, word travels fast I guess.” Mara said bluntly and pushed her mom out of the way.

“Mara Marie Wells!” her mother yelled grabbing her arm. “Talk to me!” she yelled after Mara didn’t say anything. Mara narrowed her eyes and snarled.

“Get your hand off of me.” Mara growled. Her mom took her hand back and stood up straight.

“Who was the boy?” her mother asked.

Mara smiled and tilted her head. “My friend.”

Her mother nodded, “What were you doing?”

“I told you, taking a walk.” Mara grumbled.

“Mara, there is a murderer out there!” she hissed.

Mara laughed. “Don’t worry. Your friend Peter will catch them psychos.” she said walking down the hall.

“Them?” her mom asked, pretending Mara didn’t mention Peter.

Mara shrugged and smirked at her. “Don’t worry, Mommy. It will all be over soon.” Mara left her mother standing in the hall and walked up the stairs.

Mara sat cross legged on her bed. “Big finale." she said to herself. She was looking in the mirror across the room from her. She smirked at herself. It was a smile you only seen on psychopath's face. It was her smile, a smile that could give people shivers. “After all, all good things must come to an end.” Then she started to hum and play with her hair.

Mara didn’t sleep the whole night. She remained in the same spot on her bed. It was about noon the next day and she just stared at herself in the mirror. Her mom looked in her room every hour or so to check on her. She didn’t say anything, just looked in at stared with a worried look. Mara was planning. Planning for the finale.

There was a soft knocking on her door. “Mara?” the voice said. It was her father. “Your mother is worried about you.” he spoke. Mara said nothing. Tonight. Mara thought. “You should get out of the house for a little bit.” he told her.

“Your right, Daddy.” she looked at him and smiled. He flinched when she spoke. It wasn’t a strange thing. Everyone seemed to flinch when she talked. She stood up and looked at herself. There were bags under her eyes and she was pale. Her hair was a mess. She walked out the door passed him. “Love you.” she lied sweetly.

She took a few steps down the stairs the turned and went back to him. She kissed him on the cheek then put her mouth to his ear. “Get out of this town.” she hissed. “There is nothing for you here.” she finished. She took a step back and looked at him. He looked shocked.

“Everything is here. You? Your mother?” he asked.

She shook her head. “Get. Out.” she said in a deep voice. He looked at her for a long time. “I know you had someone offer you a job in Chicago, dad.” she said slowly. “Take it. Get out of this town.” she walked backwards slowly to the stairs. “Get out of this state.” he didn’t move. “Leave.” she hissed. Then she left him. She walked down the stairs of the crap house. She wasn’t coming back.

Mara walked fast. There wasn’t much more time in the day. The finale couldn’t wait another day. She walked with her head high and took big steps with her fists clenched. When people seen her walking down the street they crossed to the other side. Yeah. She was that sort of person. Well, ‘person’.

She walked down the path that lead to Dom’s door. She didn’t knock. She just opened the door and walked in. The house was dark and hot. It was also small. She walked down the small hall. She opened one door. There was a middle aged woman that was sleeping in it. There were two fans that were both on high. She walked to the lady. It was Dom’s mother. She put her hand to the lady’s forehead. Dom was right, she was very sick.

There was a sharp gasp that came from the doorway of the room. Mara glanced, it was Dom. He had dropped a glass of water onto the ugly carpet. There was now a damp spot that slowly spread.

“Get your hands off of her!” Dom shouted.

“Shhhh.” Mara hissed. Then smirked. “You will wake her up.” she told him softly. He gulped and took a step closer to her.

“Mara,” he paused and looked at her for a long time. “They just found Tray.” he said carefully. “The whole street is closed. There is a city lockdown.” he sighed. “You should go home.”

“Tray?” Mara questioned. “Oh yeah, Tray.” Mara smiled at the floor. Then laughed a little remembering his cries for help.

Dom narrowed his eyes. “You sick bitch.” he said slowly. “You didn’t even remember his name. You probably didn’t even know him.”

“That’s what made it even easier to kill him.” Mara said softly. Then laughed.

“What do you want? Why are you even here?” he asked loudly.

“I need you to do a few things for me, Dom.”

“Haven’t I done enough?” he threw his hands in the air. “I’ve done unspeakable things for you, Mara! What else do you want?”

She smiled at him. “I’ll tell you what I want. I want you to spread the word.” she whispered in his face.

“What word?” he whispered back.

“A few words. First tell the rest of the crew to meet in the girls locker room tonight at nine o’clock.”

“What?” Dom questioned confused.

“Then, when you know they are all there. Go get Officer Peter Henline. Tell him there are some kids smoking pot or whatever in the girl’s locker room.” she directed. “Then go with him back to the locker room. I will most likely be there, but if I’m not. Keep him there till I am.” Mara finished.

Dom just stared at her. “This is the finale, Dom.” she said soothingly, putting a hand on his cheek. “Don’t mess it up.”

“Finale?” he repeated quietly.

“Yes, Dom. It will all be over soon.” she sang softly. He would do it. She had him wrapped around her pinky finger. He tried to put a hand on her but she slapped it away and he flinched. “Like I said. Don’t mess it up.” Mara started to walk out the bedroom door.

“And if I don’t do this?” Dom asked. Mara stopped walking. She snarled. She turned back and walked fast over to the bed where his mother lay. She pulled out a pocket knife and put it to the passed out lady’s throat. Dom froze up and right there, Mara knew he would do it.

“He’s a cop. They will notice he is gone right away.” Dom pointed out.

Mara laughed coldly, “Not if there is a distraction.”

She could see the fear in his eyes. Dom hesitated. “After this it will be over? This is the last time?” he asked.

“Yes.” she answered. “Like I said. Finale.” Mara began to exit, she stopped in the doorway. “I almost forgot! Make sure to mention that I am one of the kids in the locker room.” Mara finished. Dom nodded.

“Dom?” it was his mother. She had just woken up. “What time is it?” she croaked. Dom helped her sit up. Mara stud in the doorway watching. His mother stopped when she seen Mara. “What a pretty girl.” she croaked again. Mara smiled kindly at her.

Mara looked at Dom. “I’ll do it.” he told her. She smiled at him and walked very slowly down the small hall. “You should have invited her for breakfast, Dom.” his mother said. “I could have made pancakes.”

“It’s past lunch time, mom.” Dom told her. Mara laughed and walked out the door. Mara then started to walk to Kale’s house. There was nothing she needed from him, but she needed to blow some time and she had already agreed she was not going back to her house. There was nothing for her there anymore.

She decided to take the long way. Dom had said that the city was on lockdown, so she was going to try to avoid being seen. She walked down a back alley that was behind some houses. “Hey, girl!” a voice hissed from inside a house. She looked for a face, and she found one. It was a man with a shotgun in his hand. His head was out the window now. “There’s a killer on the loose! Go home.” he told her.

“There’s been a killer on the loose for a few months now.” she corrected him.

“Go home!” he commanded. Mara rolled her eyes. Little did he know he was talking to the killer. She continued to walk.

Mara walked up to Kale’s back doorstep. She walked in. there was no one in the downstairs area. She moved to the stairs. She could hear Kale’s punk music playing as she went up the steps. She found his door and opened it. The music was loud, so he probably didn’t hear her come in. He stood facing away from her topless. He was messing around with a DVD player that sat on his dresser.

Mara leaned against the wall and cocked and eyebrow, she waited patiently for him to notice her. After a few minutes of him not turning around Mara got bored, so she leaned casually to the side and tipped over a small table with a lamp on it. There was a loud crash and Kale jumped. He turned fast and seen her and jumped again.

“Mara!” he said in surprise. She smirked at him and looked around the room. It looked like how she would imagine a typical boy’s room to look like. She spotted a shirt on his bed. She leaned over and picked it up. Kale turned the music down.

Mara held the shirt out to him. “Do you want this?” she asked him. He took a step closer to her.

“Do you want me to have it?” he asked, smiling down at her.

She raized her eyebrows. “Kale, put the shirt on.”

“Okay, okay. If you're not in the mood.” he joked. Mara didn’t laugh. She threw the shirt at his face and he put it on. “You need something?” he asked.

“No. I’m killing time.” she told him. Then collapsed on the bed.

“Killing time for what?” he asked. He sat down on the end of the bed.

“The finale.” she said smiling at the ceiling. He looked at her for a long time.

“Finale. You mean, this is the last time? Tonight?” he asked her. Mara nodded. “What’s the plan?” he asked.

“Dom will fill you in.” Mara sat up. She smiled big. “It’s going to be great, Kale.” Then she lay back down. Kale almost looked hurt.

“I’m gonna miss you, crazy pants.” Kale told her.

Mara laughed. “No you won’t.” she said quietly. “Where are your parents?” she asked.

“They left this morning to go help at my uncle's farm.” he told her. She nodded. “You look terrible. Did you know that?” Kale asked her. She glared at him.

“That’s what happens when you don’t sleep.” she told him.

“You didn’t sleep last night?” he asked her.

“You have to plan for finales, Kale.” she said.

“Well of course. It all makes sense now.” he said sarcastically. Mara glared at him. “Just kidding. Get some sleep then.” Then he walked out of the room.

Mara woke up to her stomach growling. That’s when she realized she hadn't eaten anything the whole day. She looked out the window. The sun was going down. No time for food. She walked down the stairs. Kale was watching the News downstairs.

“It’s all over the TV.” he said not looking at her.

“So? All the other times it was on the News too.” she said. Kale just shook his head. “What time is it?” she asked.

“Almost eight. Why? Finale time?” he asked.

Mara smiled. “Almost. Stay here. All see you in about an hour.” Kale nodded and she left the house.

“Wait!” kale yelled before she could make it through the door. “What are you doing?”

“Me? I’m creating a distraction.” she answered and laughed. With that she exited the house. She walk/ran to Dom’s house again without being seen. When she got there it was dark. She opened the door.

“Dom!” she yelled into the dark house. Good, he had gone off to get the others. Mara walked around to the back of the house. She approached the window to his mother’s room. It was wide opened. She glanced in. The lady was sleeping. Mara smirked. She took out her lighter. She created a flame and transferred it to her hand. She imagined it growing larger and it did. Now a ball of flame about the size of a softball hovered and fluttered in her hand. With her free hand she took out her pocket knife and cut the screen open. Then she simply sent the flames into the bedroom. With that Mara snickered and strolled to the school where her mommy’s boyfriend was waiting for her, and if her plan was successful. A little someone else too.

The town was always a little quiet, but tonight it was an eerie quiet. The kind of quiet most people would be uncomfortable with, but Mara loved it. She walked a few more blocks to the school. The doors that went to the gym were always opened for anyone to go to at anytime. She walked across the gym floors to the door to the girl’s locker room.

She pushed the door open and turned to corner. The room was lined with small lockers one corner that went to a bathroom and the other that went to the showers. Her people sat on a bench and looked up when she entered. Kale, Ben, Ty, and Vicky. No Dom.

“Where is Dom?” she asked with frustration.

“Sent us here and said he had to go get someone.” Vicky answered. She had pink hair and a nose and lip piercing. Vicky had been one of the first to agree to Mara’s terms. Mara seen right through her though. Vicky acted like she was up for anything, but when the time came she turned her head as Kale, Ben, Ty, and Mara did the dirty work. Dom never did anything, but Mara accepted anyone who had the nerve to be there. That’s what made the finale special. Dom was doing a big handful of the work.

Mara froze up. Hopefully Dom had not seen the fire. Just then Dom walked in with Peter. “In here?” Peter asked Dom.

“Yes.” Dom answered. Mara smiled ear to ear. It was time.

“Mara!” hollered Officer Peter. “Stand down now!”

Mara’s smile disappeared. Her nose twitched. Dom had ratted them out. He probably had a gun. “Get down.” she hissed to the rest of her people.

“What’s happening?” Vicky asked.

“I smell a rat!” Mara screamed at the top of her lungs.

“I have a gun!” Peter yelled. Mara walked over to the corner they were behind.

“Mara! What are you doing?” Kale hissed. Mara pressed her body against the corner. She took out her lighter. She made a flame and sent a blaze of fire around the corner. She heard him scream. She waited a second. Peter’s gun went around the corner and he fired blindly. Stupid. Mara thought. How had they made this man an officer.

She grabbed his arm and pulled with all her might. He flew forward a little but not enough. She used all her might and stomped on the back of his kaph. He yelped in pain and fell on his face. Mara watched him struggle. He tried to point his gun back but Mara stomped on his hand. Peter yelped again. Mara picked up the gun.

Mara stud and waited for him to find his footing. When he did he tried to come at her but she pointed the gun and he froze. Mara smirked. She turned to her people. “Bring me Dom.” she commanded. Ty and Ben nodded and ran out the door. Kale stud up and walked closer to Mara. Vicky took a seat on the bench. Peter had his hands up. “Get to the wall.” Mara commanded Peter. He did.

“You? All this time? You were the killer?” he trembled.

“Looks like it dosen’t it?” Mara sneered.

“You won’t kill me.” Peter sounded confident. Mara let out a deep laugh. “You won’t.”

“What makes you sure?” Mara said in hysteria. “I killed half my victims with my bare hands, Officer.”

“I know it because your mom is on her way.” Peter sounded like he thought he was sly, and like he thought he had her in the corner. Little did he know that was what she wanted.

Mara laughed. “Perfect!” she threw her hands in the air. This caused the three other people in the room to jolt greatly. She put her hands back down and turned her chin down. She took a step closer to Peter. “It will be a party.” The smile that Mara held on her face was similar to the Joker's.

He didn’t look so sure now. “You’re crazy.” he whispered. This amused Mara so much she almost fell over. She told herself to control herself, but then she remembered that she couldn’t. This made Mara laugh harder. “You need help, Mara.” Peter trembled.

Mara stopped laughing and froze. She looked at the floor for a very long time. Mara felt her nose and lip start to twitch. She walk/ran to Peter and smashed his head on the wall. His head started to bleed instantly. “If only someone noticed that before! Huh?” she screamed in his face.

“I can help you.” he said weakly.

“It’s much too late for that isn't?” Mara hissed in his face.

“Your right. You're too sick. You are to deep in the hole, Mara. The only way to fix you is to burn you at the stake.” he said. He tried to grab the gun from his hand, but it fell to the ground. Then he kicked it away.

“No!” Mara screamed in his face.

He grabbed her wrists. He was stronger than her. She kicked at him. He pinned her to the floor and went for his handcuffs. Mara freed one of her hands from his grip. She yelled in his face and tried to pick her head up and he used one hand to try to push her head back down. By mistake he put his hand by her mouth. She got his palm in her mouth and bit down hard. He cried out. Mara bit down until she tasted blood and bit harder.

Mara hit bone. Peter screamed and tried to pull his hand back. A force pulled Peter strate off her. Mara got a chunk of his hand in this process. Kale was there. He pulled her to her feet and backed away again.

“Mara!” it was her mother. She had just ran into the locker room. Her mom looked and Peter on the ground and then at Mara with horror in her eye’s. Mara spit a mixture of Peter’s flesh and blood onto the ground. His blood was on her lips and chin. It was a familiar taste to Mara. She enjoyed the salty taste of it. She used her wrist to wipe the blood away from her mouth. The blood smeared to her cheek.

“There is something wrong with me, Mommy.” Mara said softly, then chuckled. She took a step closer to her mother. Her mom took a step back. Mara smirked, then turned and grabbed the gun off the ground. Her mom gulped and put a hand on the wall.

“Mara. What are you doing?”

“How’s dad?” she asked.

“As soon as he heard about the boy Tray he went upstairs and then got in the truck and left. Mara, he left us. We need to stay together. Don’t do whatever you are about to do.”

“It’s the finale. It will all be over soon.” Mara said in a normal voice.

“Do you really think it will be over after this? There is no way this will be over after this? After this your only hope is that they might let you live because you may have done it out of an illness. We can talk to people and get you help, Mara.”

“Now! Now you think I need help!” Mara screamed. Everyone had jumped. “Don’t you remember when I asked for your help? I remember!”

“Mara.” her mom was crying. “You don't have to be like this. We can get help.” she said, her voice full of sorrow.

“Help!” Mara screamed. She lowered her voice, “I don't want your help. This is who I am.”

“This is not who you are, Mara”

“I don't need help, this is not just who I am.” Mara said softly examining the blood on her wrist. “This is who I want to be.”

Mara’s mother shook her head in disbelief. “What are you going to do?”

Mara just laughed and turned to Kale and Vicky. “Bring him to the showers.” she commanded, referring to Peter. At first they didn't move. “Go!” She screamed. Vicky started to move but Kale remained stationary. Mara moved quickly over to him and took out her lighter. She struck it and put the small flame next to his face. Using her mind, she made the fire larger and it crawled up the side of his face. He tried to be tough at first, but gave in not much later.

“Please don't be like this.” Kale whispered to her. Mara snarled in response to that.

“Go.” she hissed in his face. He did.

“No!” Peter yelled, resisting against Kale and Vicky. Mara gripped the gun and aimed for Peter. “I'm not scared of you.” he told Mara. Mara chuckles filled the locker room and she shot Peter in the knee. There was a loud bang and Vicky jumped about a foot in the air. He screamed in pain. Kale and Vicky drug Peter to the showers in the locker room. A trail of blood formed as Peter’s almost lifeless body was drug across the white tile floors.

Mara’s mother then tried to run. Mara was faster. Mara grabbed her hair and yanked her back. “Help!” her mom screamed/sobbed. “Get off of me!”

Mara herself dragged her mother to the shower room were the rest of them were. Mara wondered where Ty and Ben were with Dom. Dom was never part of Mara’s plan but he left her no choice. Peter was in the corner of the sower room. He lay moaning in a pool of his own blood. The sight made Mara laugh out loud. Her mom cowered in another corner. Vicky and Kale stood by the entrance of the showers so there was no escape.

There were blue tiles that covered the walls and white for the floors. The floors, although, were becoming red with the doings of Mara. There were about eight showers that were on the walls of the room. Mara didn’t really plan on cleaning up, so there was really no point of being in the shower room other than there being no way out for her victims. Mara had no plan for escaping the cops. She expected to go down in a wave of hell fire. She was willing to accept that. What’s a finally without a little twist?

“Help!” Mara’s mother screamed.

“Help!” Mara screamed louder in her mom’s face. Her mother gave a out a loud sob.

“I suggest being a little quieter.” Kale spoke.

Mara ignored him. Mara pointed a finger at Officer Peter. “Watch.” she commanded softly. “He’s almost gone.” she whispered. Walking over to the body. Peter looked pale and had no signs of life. “You know I knew all about you to, mommy. Right?”

Her mother said nothing. Mara walked over to the body and turned him so his face was visible. “Leave him!” he mom sobbed. “He’s gone.”

“You're right, but just in case…” Mara pulled out her lighted and created a small flame. By her command the flame washed over the dead body and she let it burn. It was really a beautiful sight. Her mom cried out.

Mara created more flame and turned it on her mother. Her mother screamed in pain. She started to stop-drop-and roll. This wasn't working the way Mara pictured it. Mara walked over to her mother that was on the floor with severe burns. Mara raised her foot and brought it back down with all her might onto her mother’s head. Then created more flames. Much better.

Just then, Mara heard yells from the main part of the locker room. It was Dom. They had taken their sweet time, but Ty and Ben had retrieved him. Mara smiled a toothy grin.

Mara decided to sit down. She sat herself in the middle of the shower room crossing her legs. Ty and Ben dragged Dom into the showers and threw him on the floor right in front of Mara. She remind sitting as she looked at him.

“You killed her.” he hissed at her. Then he brought himself to his feet. Mara gazed up at him. Just then he looked at the rest of her handy work. First at Officer Peter then at her mother.

“Don't worry, Dom. Your mother wasn't the only one to burn tonight.” Mara told him.

“Your sick. You’re a sick psycho.” Dom sneered at her.

“This really doesn't require complements.” Mara laughed.

“You sick bitch!” Dom screamed.

Mara decided to stand now. She razed herself and looked him in the eye. He seemed to cower as she took a step closer. He backed up till he hit wall. Mara kept moving closer until she was inches from his face. She examined his face. Right then he pulled out a knife and went for her gut. Mara seen it coming and court his wrist. Just then, all the hope poured out of him and he went pale. She pulled the knife from his hand and pushed it deep into his gut. His eyes went wide. And he let out a terrible sound that made Mara laugh. Mara pulled out the knife and used her hand for the rest. Dom dropped to the ground dead or dieing.

“Please Mara. Stop this.” it was Kale. “You don’t have to do this.”

Mara narrowed her eyes at him. “What?” she asked snarling at him.

“This won’t end well for any of us.” he said walking closer to her. “This will never end.”

She looked at her feet. “I think you're right.” she said, her voice filled with sorrow.

Kale looked relieved. Mara slowly looked back up at him. Her smile growing larger with every second. “You don’t have to-” Kale stopped and looked at her like she had grown an extra nose. Mara started to laugh her crazed laugh. Her shoulders bounced with every evil chuckle.

“This will never end, Kale. The rain of hell I put upon this town will never wash away!” she shouted. “I will never Die! Not even when I am dead!” Mara yelled hysterically. Right then Ben tried to run. Mara pulled the gun on him before he could take his second step. She got him right between the eyes and he was gone too. Mara had always been a sharpshooter, but guns were never her go to weapon of choice. She preferred a blade or her fire. After he fell to the ground all the other living people bolted from the room, all but Kale. Stupid. She would have let him run. Now he was a dead boy.

“Mara.” Kale said looking her in the eye. “I love you.” he told her.

“Ha!” Mara laughed. “What a waist of last words.” she sneered. She drove the knife through the side of his neck. Then fell with him to the ground. He was on his back. Mara sat next to him and looked down at his face. “What a shame.” she murmured. Blood came from his mouth. She leaned over and lay a small kiss on his lips. Just then there was a strange feeling in her chest, but it left as soon as it came.


Mara was covered in blood. None of which was her own. She sat on her butt with her knees to her chest next to one of the four walls. Her hair draped over her face between her legs and chest. Mara couldn’t find it within herself to stop laughing. She laughed uncontrollably.

The girl’s showers had turned into more than a murder scene. A person with a strong stomach would throw up their insides looking at what Mara Wells had done, and a person with a weak stomach would drop dead.

Mara heard people enter. She stopped laughing. “Hello, officers.” Mara said without looking. “I’m not going anywhere.”

“We are not the police, Mara. Although, we would be delighted if you would come with us.” a man’s voice said. Mara looked up frowning. He was right. They were not the police. There were three of them. The man who had spoke stud in the middle. The man wore a black dress shirt and shiny black shoes. His brown hair was done all nice and a pointed nose. His hazel eyes were filled with charm. He was the one in charge. There was another man on his right that was clearly the muscle.

There was a girl on his left. She looked about sixteen or seventeen, Mara’s age. Her hair was brown and curled like Mara’s, but Mara’s was much longer and smoother. The girl’s lips were also full like Mara’s. The girl was pale with piercing green eyes. She almost looked perfect, but her face was coated with heavy foundation and her unique eyes were outlined with cheap eyeliner and a lot of mascara. Mara had never had a friend before but she could tell the two of them would get to know each other well.

Mara glared at the three of them, rizing to her feet. “Who are you?” she asked harshly.

The man smiled. “You’re different. Arn’t you, Mara?” he said with charm.

Mara narrowed her eyes and crossed her blood covered arms. Fine. She would play his game. “Yes.” she said slowly, voice thick with sarcasem.

“Yes you are but it’s not just your way of thinking, is it?” he took a step closer and put up his index finger. “There is something else about you that makes you different.”

Mara said nothing. Just looked at him with a look with no expresion. She waited with her arms crossed for him to continue. Mara was interested in what this strange man was getting at.

“Do you have any spechal abiletys, Mara? Please name them.” he asked.

“I’m getting the hint you already know.” Mara spoke.

The girl with him gave a short laugh. “Do you know who you’re talking to?” she snarled.

“Wish I did.” Mara growled back. “Remember? I asked.”

“Watch your mouth.” the girl snaped.

“Watch your’s.” Mara reterned. Her upper lip started to twich.

“Adriana.” The man worned. The girl, Adriana backed off. “I see potenchel in you, Mara. If you come with me I will not try to change you like the people of this town have. This is you and I wish to help you inbrace it.”

Mara became interested. The man was singing her song. “Fire.” she told him.

“And?” he asked.

Mara thought for a second. “Sometimes water, but that’s it.”

“Wrong.” he said quikly. Mara smerked. “We will teach you if you come with us. Take this opertunety and become a person much larger then the person you are now.”

“Who are you?” Mara asked again.

“My name is Than.” he put out a hand. Mara took it.

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