I hate him, but I love him

Anne is a 17 years old teen who goes to East High. She's not really a fan when it comes to liking Justin Bieber, but will she change her mind one day when she get to chance to know him better? Or is her hated for Justin really that strong?



1. The concert

Author Notes: Hello and Welcome to my story dear readers. This story is my first Justin Bieber Fan Fanfiction and so please forgive me when I say, I'm not really familiar with Justin himself. I do love his musics and I can say I used to adored him, but not as a crazy fan... no offense. More so, I'm more of a kpop freak. BTS to be extra. Apart from my rumbling and boring introductions let's go on with the story shall we?...




Today when I arrive to school the girls wouldn't stop talking about Justin Bieber upcoming concert. 'Please someone, shoot me now', I feel like screaming my head out.


Since it has been released about two weeks ago on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter that Justin is planning a world tour or some shít. My ears have yet to get a break from Believers fans. My friends just keeps on talking and talking and talking about him. 


GOSH! I feel like the world was coming to an end or something. 


"You're coming with us right?" one of my friend asks when I enter the classroom. 'As if', I thought. There is no way I'm going to that concert. No way! "No thank you" I says while taking my seat. 


"Come on Anne you have to come. I have been hearing that all the hottest guys in school are going" this time it was Melissa who cut in. "Yeah if they are gay" the glares at them with sarcasm in my voice.


"Come oooonnnn" they both whin. "Maybe this time you would finally meet the one instead of daydreaming about Chad" Jessica wiggle her eyebrows in the most craziest way. "No thank you. I would rather stay in bed all day and watch Supernatural or even listen to Kpop music". 'Ahh Dean Winchester' I moans out dreamingly, but as soon as my moment came I was interrupted by my enemy.


Alice Wilson


"Are you going to Justin Bieber concert?" she said making the best bitch face ever, if that was even possible and so I ignore her.


"Uh huh, playing that game again I see? Well don't worry because I'm going on that tour and I hear that Chad's sister is going to be there, and you know the drill. Get close with the sister and not long, you're going to be with the boy himself" she smile evilly at me and pass me by.


"We're going to that concert" I shout making everyone in the English class to look at me. "S-sorry" I murmur and sat back down. "What do you mean we?" question Melissa. "What I mean is 'WE ARE' going to go on that tour and I'm going to try to get close to Alex as you two enjoy Justin Bieber's concert. Deal?".


"Deal" they both responds in unison.


The thought of me going to Justin concert is like having a terrible nightmare, but the thought of having Chad to myself one day was —how do I put this— magical?




"HAISNAKSNSKANSMSMS we're finally here" Melissa and Jessica both starts to scream. They weren't even screaming in English, like wtf? I had to cover my ears so wouldn't go deaf. "Yah can you both stop screaming! You're going to make me deaf one day, if not today!" I shout right back at them. 


"Sorry Anne we're just SOOOOOOOO HAP-" "stop right there" I glare at them.


"Don't be like that Anne. I mean we're didn't spend our money on these tickets for nothing so instead of bitchy all the time. GET LOOSE AND HAVE SOME FUN!" Jessica said. "Sure, but first I have to use the bathroom" I lie and run off to fine Alex.


"That bitch Anne is so annoying" I overheard someone say and being the 'Curious George' that I am. I hide around the corner to hear more. 


"I know right Chad. I hears that she has a crush on you or something, like you will ever date that trash" Alex laughs. 


She seemed so sweet and nice in school, but now I'm regretting ever coming here to get close to her. 'I guess you can't judge a book by its cover'. I felt my heart breaking and so I slowly drag my feet to the nearest bathroom to cry. 


"What are you doing here? This place is off limit" a male voice says when I enter the bathroom. Well what I think was the bathroom... "S-sorry" I stutter as the tears I was holding in starts to roll down my cheeks. 'Damnit. I hate feelings'.


"I'm sorry, I wasn't paying attention to where I was going" I apologize.


"So why are you crying?" he asks me. 


"I don't want to bore you with the details" more tears starts to fall. "You're not going to bore me because I want to know" he said softly coming closer to me.


"Ok" I smile a little as I starts to explain.


"You see my friends wanted to come to the Justin Bieber concert that is playing here today and I said no. But when Alice, my enemy, told me she was going to be at this concert just to get close with Cad sister. I decided to come too. Well you see Chad is this guy I have a crush on... hmm used to" I stop and inhale some air to continue rumbling. "Okay so, few minutes ago I dished my friends to go and look for Alice only to find her talking to her brother. She called me a bitch and a trash and" I start to cry even harder now. 


"That story makes no sense, but it has been some day huh?" he asks with a little smile. "I guess you can say that, but not as worst then coming to Justin Bieber concert" I spat out Justin name angrily. The person face when from all smiling to shock looking.


"Really? Why?" he ask me, his voice getting sad. "No reason. I'm just not a fans" I reply. The guy takes off his hat and says "how can you resist this?". I couldn't believe my eyes. Justin Bieber is the person who's talking to me? I know two people who would be screaming with joy if they were in my place. Melissa and Jessica.


"Oh" I said and his face looks even shocked then it was few seconds ago. 


"That's the first" I hear him murmuring something like that to himself.


"So you're a hater? I bet I can make you like me right now" he smirks as he came closer into my personal space. 'Yeah righ-' my thoughts gets cut off by his lips on my. I stands frozen for few seconds, but when I came back to myself I slap him in the face pushing him off me. 




I stormed out of the room, but not before I heard Justin saying "WOW! That's the first". Why the hell did he sounds so amuse for? 


"Damn that jerk Justin Bieber" I huffs angrily.




Sorry about the errors and grammars. This story will be edited when it's completed because I will try to find someone great to edit it. I'm not good with writing in the present tense, but past tense. SOWWWY!!!

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