The cost of freedom


1. One

The layouts flashed in my glasses as I turned another corner. The plan was simple. O.J would get into the computer system and clear us a free path through the building. Savannah and I would get in through a re-routed transfer unit, grab the package an get out through the same unit.

When the hallway ended in another turn I signalled Savannah. I pulled the gun from my belt and set it to non-lethal. The metal handle felt cold and heavy in my hands. I looked at Savannah and she nodded. We rounded the corner.


The floor moved me a few meters closer to the horrifying screams in front of me. Some around me were crying, some were praying and others, like me, stood silent and numb. Joshua turned in front of me and met my gaze. He grinned that same fox like smile as he had when I had first come to know him.

“I’ll see you on the other side, love.” He said and turned back around.


Four guards were posted in front of the deposit. Their black armoured suits and helmets made them look highly intimidating. Fortunately for us their government proclaimed invincibility depended mostly on their connection to the surveillance net and thanks to O.J, that was no longer an option.

Once the guards were down I placed O.J’s sticker on the keypad besides the vault.

“Hurry up O.J.” I mumbled. The screen flashed green and I went into the vault.


I could clearly see the machine now. It had a stunning resemblance with a regular transfer unit. The only visible difference was that the keypad on the side only had one button.

The floor moved us closer again so Joshua was now standing inside the unit. One of the guards came and took of his cuffs to throw them into one of the already piled up boxes behind him. Another positioned himself in front of the one-button keypad.

“Any last words?” asked the guard at the keypad. I watched as an insane smile spread across Joshua’s face. I could almost see as the warmth in his pine green eyes as it was replaced by utter insanity. And then he started laughing. A sound almost as heart wrecking as the scream that followed.


The metallic smell hit me before I saw what had happened. The guards where lying the same way they had when I had entered the vault. Only now small pools of blood were forming besides each one. I looked over at Savannah.

“Sorry dear.” She said as she raised her gun. I felt the pain in my side almost instantly. I sank to my knew trying to resist the earch to scream. I could feel Savannah lifting the cargo net of my bag. I tried to stand even though it took almost all the power I could muster, but I knew that I had to at least try. We had about a 10-minute window until the transfer unit was cut of and that time was almost up. Black dots clouded my vision as I fumbled my way back through the hallways. I had dropped my glasses at some point so I would have to move from memory. After what felt like hours I finally heard a pair f footsteps in front of me. She was walking carefully, which I took as a good sign. I could still make it.

I saw her just as she disappeared. It took less than a second and she was gone. I ran as fast as I could into the unit, only to go straight through.

I tried one more time.


Another wave of dizziness hit me and I tumbled to the ground. I could hear footsteps approaching from far away. I knew what would happen to me if I got caught. My gun had fallen out of my belt a few meters from me. I stretched as far as I could, and this time I couldn’t help but scream as my wound ripped even wider.


The guard removed my cuffs.

“Anything you wanna say?”

I stared at the guard’s black helmet, but said nothing. I wouldn’t give him the satisfaction of showing even the slightest emotion.

Even though this wasn’t the way I had planned I guess I would get my freedom anyway. The guard pushed the button and I heard myself scream as I felt every single atom of my body being torn apart never to be put together again.

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