The City

A romance set in the future about Ea and Gagan, two young people living in a peaceful city protected by its walls and ruled by the city council.
But beneath the shiny surface of tranquil order, simmers dark secrets.


1. Ea

I open my eyes in darkness.

Outside, the city is sleeping and the sounds are low this early in the morning. Here in the lower part of the block, you can hardly hear the sweeper-machines through the windows, the many pipes stored inside the walls whisper gently, but otherwise my room is quiet.

As always on Sundays, Gagan is the first on my mind. My heart knocks impatiently at the thought that I may see him today. I sigh, It's a waste of time to hope, I have not heard from him for months and the chance that he shows up today is minimal. I squeeze a fist and press it against my chest, where my heart stubbornly continues its little exited drum solo. Sunday has been our day, since we met seven years ago, but suddenly he stopped coming and I have no idea why. I should know it's a waste of time to worry, because as aunt Magriet always says, 'No news is good news', but I can not help it: I still worry. He did not look good the last time I saw him and anything could have happened in the meantime.

With a frustrated groan I turn on the light, it falls on the dragon on my bedside table. It's beautiful and detailed drawing, even though the colors are pale because my little brother needs new color-pens. The dragon swivels through the air, far below it lies the city like an octagon shaped shadow. Looking closer, one can see a couple clinging to its back, their long dark hair is flowing in the wind. Evan always scans his drawings and puts them on his blog: 'EvansGelium' on the city's intranet before he gifts the originals, often to me. He is in the process of a new series, which is quite popular, this time a story about dragons. Despite his 12 years, he is convinced that there are live dragons outside the wall. When I say they only exists  on film, he protests: that's what they used to say about zombies. I tell him he is being silly and there aren't any zombies, but I'm lying because what are the victims of rabies x that are roaming outside our wall, if not zombies?






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