New Life

17 year old River is sick of living with his abusive, drunk of a father who will not seem to let go of his wife's death that occurred 5 years ago. Desperate to escape, River runs away with his long time girlfriend. What he doesn't realize is his girlfriend, Rose, Is just as mentally abusive as his father is. How will River cope and will he be able to live with this?


5. 5


The rest of the day was as boring as the last million days I've been in school. Like I said, I am a pretty popular dude and not to toot my own horn but I am a good looking guy. I am not just saying this from my own observation of myself but from what I have been told by multiple girls and sometimes even guys. But it was kind of inevitable to be good looking. I mean my mom had emerald green eyes with long brown, curly hair. She was about 5'6 and had a petite frame. Its crazy how much my sister looks like her. Even my dad, before he let himself go, was a really good looking fella. Imagine a young Tom Cruise and you'll get the picture.

Back to what I was saying, I get a lot of "Hey River!" and "Whats up bro" and the occasional whispers of freshman girls while I walk away but it's all background noise. Yeah, it's nice to get attention, don't get me wrong, but I know that these guys aren't going to be the ones I'll need at 3 am because I am too drunk to drive myself home. I only truly, deeply care about 3 people in this high school: My sister, Gordie and my beautiful girlfriend Rose.

"Hey River, you coming over after school today?" Gordie asks. We sit in study hall staring down the clock, counting down the minutes until the bell rings. It's 5 minutes and 37 seconds by the way.

"I don't know man. My dad has been drinking a ton lately and my sister really pissed him off last night. I don't feel like hearing about her getting beat because I wasn't there to help her." I whisper back to him. Gordie is the only person who knows how fucked up my home life can be. He has even witnessed it a few times.

4 minutes and 29 seconds.

"I get ya, but hey my mom is making that tator-tot casserole that you like. If you change your mind, call and I'll come grab you."

2 minutes and 57 seconds.

"Yeah sounds like a plan. Save me some of that casserole if I don't come over."

I sit, staring at the clock as well as Gordie. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. RIIIIIIING

The bell dismisses us and Gordie and I bolt out of there. The halls are filled with immature freshman gossiping about how someone cheated on somebody at some 5 year old birthday party. I start to cringe when I realize how bad I was as a freshman, how all my Junior class was as freshman. Well Junior soon to be Seniors. Less than a month till school is out. It's bittersweet really but I'll make the best out of the summer.

Gordie and I chat about some stupid shit so and so said in the lunch room and how Gordie was going to explain to his parents about how he started a fight because he couldn't keep his fat mouth shut.

We walk out of the doors and there she is, the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. Baby blue eyes, strawberry blonde hair, freckles that dance across her face. Rose is the most beautiful human I have ever laid my eyes on. 

I say it loud enough so she can hear, "Damn Gordie. Check it out. Who's the extremely hot girl right there next to that convertible mustang."

"I don't know River. She just looks like a bitch to me." He smirks and I punch him in the arm. They have never gotten along the whole year and a half we have been dating. But they learn to deal with each other.

"Nice to see you to Gordie," Rose perks up as we approach her. "Who were you crying for this time in the fight since Michael had your sorry ass pinned down?"

"Ha ha you are soo funny." He rolls his eyes and flips her off. She returns the gesture. Sometimes I swear they are actually siblings.

I kiss Rose on the cheek and she lightens up a bit.

"Are you still coming over today?" She asks innocently. I give her a look and try to stop her from saying it but it was too late.

"OOOh so that's why you didn't want to come over. I see, I see."

"Gordie, that's not it at all," I try to say but he just cuts me off.

"Nice to know my best friend is a dirty liar but it's fine, I'm fine." He throws up his hands in defeat and walks away.

I feel bad but we will both get over it.

"Hey can you save me some off that casserole though?"


I chuckle and hug Rose.

"So are you coming over? I am sorry if I asked at the wrong time." She smiles and gets in the  car.

"Nah, he'll get over it. And yeah, just take me straight to your house." I hop in the car and soon we are leaving the school campus.

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