New Life

17 year old River is sick of living with his abusive, drunk of a father who will not seem to let go of his wife's death that occurred 5 years ago. Desperate to escape, River runs away with his long time girlfriend. What he doesn't realize is his girlfriend, Rose, Is just as mentally abusive as his father is. How will River cope and will he be able to live with this?


4. 4

 I break the circle of kids surrounding the fight and see Gordie on the ground as Michael, our star quarterback who I also happen to be friends with, pounding the shit out of my best friend. Gordie lays on the ground with a bloody nose, swinging at anything hoping for a connection. What you don't know is Gordie is a 6'4 scrawny kid weighing only 150 pounds. And well Michael is quite the opposite. While Michael may be around the same height, he is definitely not the same weight. He is about 6'2, 250 pounds about and strong as all hell and has extreme anger issues. 

"Guys what the hell?! Break it up!" I get in the middle of the fight and right as I do, I feel a blow to my left cheek. I start seeing stars and have a flashback to when my dad first ever hit me. He came home from the bar around 4 am. I sat in the kitchen worried sick about him because I had no idea where he had been. With my moms recent passing, I didn't want another parent gone. 

"Dad where have you been?"

"None of your fucking business River." He slurred out. Every step he takes shakes the floor of room. His anger radiates throughout the whole room. I have never seen my father so intoxicated in my life.

"Dad, maybe we should get you to bed."

"River, I told you this is none OF YOUR BUSINESS" he then reared back and punched me in the jaw. I didn't feel the pain of the blow because of the adrenaline running through my veins.

"Oh my God River I am so sorry." The yells bring me back to reality and I see Gordie laying on the ground groaning and bleeding everywhere. My hand touches my cheek and I wince from the tenderness of the spot on my cheek. I turn to look at Michael who is out of breath, heaving at the edge of the circle.

I help Gordie up and help steady him against me.

"Does anybody wanna tell me what the hell is going on?" I look over my shoulder and see Principal Madigan walking towards us. Many of the students who were surrounding the fight flee in different directions. Michael stands there with look of defeat on his face. I look at Gordie and see the blood pouring out of his nose. He smiles his toothy, goofy grin, hair in his eyes and all. 

"Looks like I need to learn to shut my mouth huh?" We both chuckle at this.

"All three of you to my office now!" The bald man yells at us. I half drag Gordie with me to Principal Madigans office. Michael gets on the other side of Gordie and helps him walk.

Most of the kids who saw the fight were in utter shock that Michael was helping Gordie. What they don't understand is Michael is actually a really good kid and really needs to have his buttons pushed to lash out. I am pretty sure Gordie pushed every single one of those buttons too, that son of a bitch. I have been best friends with him since first grade and I swear that kid never grew up. He was never very big in size. Always super scrawny and tall so the only thing that could protect him was his mouth. His parents also never cared about what he did so he ran his home pretty much.

Once in the office, Michael, Gordie and I sat across from Mr. Madigan. Gordie and Michael were already in each other's good graces by the time we reached the office. Both of them sat in the cushioned chairs while I stood behind them and waited for the bombardment of questions from the asshole in front of us. My freshman and sophomore year, I was in here quite frequently. But that was before I grew up and considered my future. I now barely recognize the scene in front of me.

"Mr. River I am surprised to see you here. It's been almost 2 years since our last meeting, correct?"

Meeting? I think. Trying to make it sound professional you pretentious asshole.

"Yeah, I guess." I mutter.

While Gordie and Michael explain the situation to the douche, I stare out of the window and daze off. I begin to think of my mother. Only 34 when she died. At the time, we were the happiest family around. Picture the white picket fence family on the front of any family magazine ever and that was us. My dad was the most caring, nicest man you would ever meet. My sister and I were always happy, never fought and barely ever got into trouble. And my mother, she was the most beautiful woman you would ever meet. She made men wish they had her and my dad was the lucky one. She was also kind and always thought about us first. The night she died, five years ago December 3rd, she told me she would always love me and never leave me. Later that night, as she was heading home from the grocery store to pick up last minute items, she lost control on black ice and rolled 7 times before her SUV slammed into a tree. She didn't die on impact and we had to see her suffer for 3 days before taking her off life support. I was mad at her for a long time after that. She said she would never leave me and that was exactly what she did.

Before I knew it, the bell rang for second period and Madigan dismissed us to go to class. I wiped my eyes and sped walked to the bathroom. My eyes were a bit puffy but once I splash cold water on my face, I know I will be fine. Once the door shuts behind me, I hear it open again. It was Gordie. His nose was no longer bleeding but he will definitely have a huge black eye tomorrow.

"Hey Rive, you okay? What were you thinking of back there?" His long, skinny fingers grab me by the shoulder. The sudden grab makes me jump.

"Uhh, nothing. Just so tired." I fake a yawn and he gives that "You are such a bullshitter" look but he doesn't say anything. He holds me under his arm pit and rubs my head, messing up my hair.

"Hey, watch the hair Gor-dork." I fix it and we both walk out of class and head to 2nd period.

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