New Life

17 year old River is sick of living with his abusive, drunk of a father who will not seem to let go of his wife's death that occurred 5 years ago. Desperate to escape, River runs away with his long time girlfriend. What he doesn't realize is his girlfriend, Rose, Is just as mentally abusive as his father is. How will River cope and will he be able to live with this?


3. 3

Lydia and I stand at the corner of our drive way waiting for our bus to arrive.

"So, where were you at last night?"

"Why does it matter River? You never care unless it has some effect on you. If dad would have never threatened to belt you than you would've never cared about where I was."

She doesn't even look at me. Her brown hair dance in the wind and her green eyes stare straight ahead. Lydia never shows weakness, never lets anybody in. As soon as someone gets too close or shows concern, she isolates them. Today is no different than any other but it's hard to see my baby sister hurt in silence. Her foot taps and her arms are crossed. She always does this to keep from hurting someone.

"You know that isn't true." I say to her. I feel guilty when I say it because what I said wasn't 100 percent true. I know I only cared as much as I did because I needed to save my own ass.

"I love you and I don't want anything to hurt you." She scoffs at me and pulls her hand away when I try to reach for it. Her foot taps even quicker. In the distance, you can hear our bus approaching. We both turn our heads to see that it is only a few hundred yards away.

"Fine, be stubborn and give me the silent treatment. But don't even think about running to me when you get in trouble for smelling like straight alcohol and pot at school. And that "water" that's in your bottle isn't water at all."

She turns to me and I flash her a nice smile. With an eyeroll, she steps onto the bus before me and sits the back with her boyfriend Jarod. She only did this today because she knows that I don't like that she is a sophmore and he is a senior. I have never liked the guy and she knows that. I don't even give her the satisfaction of looking at them as I take my seat next to the window. I stare out into the open fields we pass on the way to school thinking about my dream last night. Why was my father chasing me? Was I really that afraid of my own dad?

Empty cornfield after empty cornfield passes by as I daze out the window. I didn't even have time to brush my hair this morning. Yes, I know I am a guy and yes, I know I shouldn't worry about my hair so much but I have decent length hair that gets real tangled throughout the day if I don't fix it. And not to sound conceded but I don't think that any of the ladies will care, because, lets be honest, I am a good looking guy. Blue eyes, golden hair, good sense of fashion if I do say so myself and a gorgeous girlfriend named Rose. I may have a girlfriend but it doesn't keep me from noticing how many looks I get from the girls at my school. Whenever I pass any group of girls, it's always, "Hi River!" or little girls snickers in the friend group. Despite having a horrible home life, I try to make it seem like I am king of the world at school. The only person who knows how life really is for me is my best friend Gordie. God knows I love that kid like my own brother. But enough about myself, let's get back to the present.

We soon get to school after a 10 minute ride and I am the last one off of my bus. 

"Thanks Jeff," I say to my bus driver. He nods and lifts his hat as I exit the bus. Right as I step off, I see a huge group of kids in the center of the court yard and hear screams and yells. Some excited, most scared. Then I hear, "Help him up, guys help Gordie up!" 

As soon as I hear this, my vision goes blurry as I sprint over to the circle of kids.

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