New Life

17 year old River is sick of living with his abusive, drunk of a father who will not seem to let go of his wife's death that occurred 5 years ago. Desperate to escape, River runs away with his long time girlfriend. What he doesn't realize is his girlfriend, Rose, Is just as mentally abusive as his father is. How will River cope and will he be able to live with this?


2. 2

I wake up in the morning with a cold sweat and headache. The light blinds me as it floods in from my wide open window. "Shit, forgot to close it," I think to myself. I look over at the clock and see what time it is. 6:06 a.m. Since I am up a half an hour early, I can take a nice shower and not have to worry about time. I grab my towel and jump in the shower. I think about my dream. What could it mean? Am I really THAT scared of my own father?

I finish up and dry myself off. When I get into my room I choose my clothes for the day and grab my bag. Right next to where I keep my bag, I keep a picture off my mother. My deceased, gorgeous mother. She died too young. Only 34. Once she was gone, it felt like if all hope had left. We were all crushed. I wear her death as a scar but not a visible one. A small one you can only see in my most vulnerable state. What was once a huge gash has now healed into a small mark that only I remember about and some can see.

When I walk into the kitchen, Lydia sits there, head in hands and a tired look on her face. Her long, curly brown hair lays over her face as if she were the Grudge.

"Long night out? Hope it was fun cause you almost cost me my life." I sit down across from her. I can feel her cold, green eyes shooting daggers at me. The alcohol still lingers in her breathe.

"Oh save it Mr. Perfect. Some of us know how to have fun and actually have a good time."

"Well dad almost belted me last night because of you. Why are you so selfish all the time?" She shrugs as I pour a cup of coffee and sit down. She may be a pain in my ass half of the time but she is the only thing that keeps me sane in this house. I am the oldest by a year and she hates that I have that over her. We practically have the same friend group and it drives us both crazy at times. We stick through thick and thin no matter what. Maybe that is why I could never hate her like other siblings who hate each other.

"Did you at least let dad know you are here?" I question her. Lydia's eyes meet mine and she gives me a look like I am absolutely insane.

"River, did you take a bunch of stupid pills today? Of course he doesn't know I am home. I would rather not go to school with a bruise today."

"Fair enough." We sit in silence. The only thing that is heard is the ticking of our clock. The sunlight barely reaches us through our grotesque blinds. Putrid odors fill the room from the dishes we haven't washed in weeks. We soon became nose blind to the smell and let it be. This room is not near as horrid as the rest of our house. And believe me, it is not my fault. I have tried everything I could to clean this house and all that happens is everything just goes back to how it was before. It's useless to even try anymore.

I finish my cup of coffee and look at the clock. 7:15 a.m. The bus will be here soon. I tap my asleep sister and let her know it's time to go. As we head out , we both book it out of the door.

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