New Life

17 year old River is sick of living with his abusive, drunk of a father who will not seem to let go of his wife's death that occurred 5 years ago. Desperate to escape, River runs away with his long time girlfriend. What he doesn't realize is his girlfriend, Rose, Is just as mentally abusive as his father is. How will River cope and will he be able to live with this?


1. 1

Fog blinds me as I sprint through the bog, my heart in my throat. Sweat drips into my eyes as I try to see where my feet are taking me. I didn't know the reason for me running, but my life was in jeopardy. That's all I needed to know to keep myself from stopping. The moonlight penetrates the dark clouds above my head. It peaks through the canopy of leaves above my head. Branches jump at me in every direction causing me to slow down to dodge each and every one. 
My legs are turning to jelly and I think about slowing down just for a second to catch my breath. That is when I hear it, the deep breathing that isn't my own. Heavy trotting behind me. I know if I slow down, it will catch me. I keep going as fast as my legs can carry me but my lungs are going to burst any minute now. Footsteps are catching up to me, becoming faster. I take a quick look behind me knowing it will cost me some of my lead on this thing. I see him. The thing chasing me. My father. The look on his face of wanting to kill me. I turn to look back in front of me but it is too late. I trip over a tree root, falling and hitting my head. I prepare myself for the impact of his body on mine. I close my eyes and let out a scream as he slams onto me.

I shoot up in my bed, perspiration covering my face and body. It was just a dream, a realistic, terrible one but still a dream. I breathe a sigh of relief while trying to calm my heart rate. Turning to the clock, I realize it is one in the morning. The clock ticks silently as I get out of bed and open my window to my small room. The breezes flows in and cools my body. In the distance,wolves howl to signal to the others where it is. Insects sing their mating song through the night. Nature has always been my favorite at night. Everything is calm and winded down, including my father. The only time I have to worry about him are the nights he goes out and drinks. Or when he thinks about my mother too much which seems like a lot lately.

The breezes lulls me back into a state of tiredness and I walk to my bed, the pool of sweat still there. After flipping my pillow over to the cool side, I lay my head down and try to fall back to sleep. Just then my fathers busts into my room. His aura is of anger and the smell of bitter alcohol fills the room.

"River, where the hell is your sister?" he booms, every word slurred. Damn Lydia, she is going to cost me my life if she keeps sneaking out like this.

"I.... have no idea sir" I mutter.

"She was under your watch and you have no idea where she is? Do you really want the belt or are you going to tell me where she is?!"

"I swear I have no idea father. Please don't get the belt, please," I beg and plead like a child thought I am a 17 year old boy.I already have enough scars on my back from this man, I didn't need anymore.

"You better be happy I am too tired to deal with you right now." He stumbles out of the room, bumping into the walls as he makes his way to his room. I softly cry myself to sleep, something I rarely do but it has happened more often now than ever before in my life. Lydia crawls through her window and slams it. I hear her sneak into bed and try to act like nothing has happened. In that moment, I hate her more than anything I have ever hated before.

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