The Black Family Legacy

Harry Potter got all the glory in saving the Wizarding World "single handedly"

He didn't


7. Third Birthday

Sirius laughs as his niece runs down the stairs.

"Harry!" She yells, and the other toddler races into the room on his little toy broomstick, giggling.

She runs after him, laughing.

"Good morning Sirius." James says, snatching his son out of the air before he runs into the wall.

"Morning James." Sirius says, grabbing the birthday girl off the floor.

"Happy birthday little swan!" James exclaims, smiling at the little girl.

The merry group of four take their seats at the table as Lily passes out plates of eggs and croissant sandwiches.

"What are you doing today?" Lily asks her when she sits down.

"Going with Moony!" She squeals.

Harry giggles.

Silence except for the occasional giggle from Harry and the sound of utensils against the plates, falls over the house.

Sirius picks up Cygnus and James picks up Harry and they wash them up.

Lily is waiting with a towel to dry the youngster's hands and faces.

"I have to get nice clothes!" Cygnus exclaims suddenly, wiggling out of Sirius' arms and running upstairs.

Lily chuckles and follows her upstairs.

When she enters the young girl's room she finds her going through her dresser.

Lily grabs James' extra briefcase and packs the toddler's overnight necessities.

Between the two girls they manage to pick a navy and emerald striped dress with a pleated skirts.

Lily combs the little girl's hair, the same unruly bunch of midnight black curls that Sirius has, and ties it back with an emerald ribbon.

Cygnus turns to leave the room and sees Remus leaning against the doorframe, a smile on his face and his arms crossed in front of him.

"Moony!" She exclaims, running to him.

Remus grins as he catches the child and tosses her in the air.

"There's the birthday girl!" He laughs, embracing her.

Cygnus wraps her small arms around his neck and squeezes him in return, her head nuzzled in the crook of his neck.

Lily smiles as she watches the duo, latching the briefcase closed before handing it to Remus.

"Thank you, Lily." He says, still cuddling Cygnus.

She trails behind them on the stairs and joins the boys standing in the foyer.

"Have fun with your Moony, little Swan." James says, brushing a stray piece of her hair out of her eyes.

Sirius presses a kiss to her hair and presses his hand to her back.

"Enjoy yourself." He says, "Both of you."

"Goodbye Harry." Remus says, bending down to kiss the youngster's head.

Cygnus leans over and kisses him too, making Harry giggle.

"See you tomorrow, Remus." James says, opening the door for his friend to exit.

Remus exits the house and walks pass a neighbor out watering her flowers, she waves.

"Hi Bathilda!" Cygnus calls in return making the old woman smile.

The duo reach the church and Remus turns on his heel and apparates, landing infront of his house, a modest cottage.

Remus lets the child down to run around as he digs the keys out of his pocket.

Unlocking the door, Remus enters his house and flips on the light before Cygnus comes racing in, her arms outstretched, making whooshing sounds.

He smiles as he sets down the briefcase and stands watching her for a while.

"Come on baby girl, let's go." Remus says, scooping her up.

They apparate once again, this time landing in one of the many fireplaces lining a large onyx hall.

Remus carries the girl in his arms past a sculpture of people holding up a pillar, and then into a busy square.

He weaves between ministry workers and manages to find the elevator.

"Auror's office please." He says to the houself waiting.

The elf pushes a button and the elevator lurches downward.

"Auror's office." The elf says dryly.

"Thank you." Remus says nodding to the elf as he steps out.

The elevator disappears as Remus begins to hasten down a row of cubicles.

Cygnus watches a criminal being wrestled to the ground over Remus' shoulder, her bright blue eyes widening.

They arrive at a small office, and Remus knocks three times in quick succession and twice four seconds apart.

The door creeks open, revealing a mostly dark room with shelves lining the walls full of instruments, some lifeless, others whizzing and whirring about with great speed and bright lights.

"What took you so long?" Comes the sudden growl of a deep voice, making both Remus and Cygnus jump.

Remus turns to the voice.

"Ah, yes, I had almost forgotten." Comes the voice, lighter this time.

Remus sets Cygnus down and she runs towards the voice.


And Remus finds the light switch, flipping it on to reveal two bodies sprawled on the floor.

"Happy Birthday." Alastor says to the child laying across his chest laughing.

"Hi Maddy." Cygnus giggles in response.

The Auror grunts as he pushes himself up off the floor.

Cygnus wiggles loose and runs laughing back to Remus.

"Alright, let's head out." The Auraror says, taking Cygnus' outstretched hand.

Remus takes her other hand and the trio leaves the ministry, smiling.


Remus yawns as he fumbles with the keys for his house, carefully opening it so as to not wake the sleeping toddler in his arms.

Exhausted, he changes himself into pyjamas and carefully undoes the ribbon, releasing the dark curls of the young girl.

Cygnus jerks awake but Remus whispers sweet nothings in her ear while he changes her, pulling on her nightgown.

Remus goes to lay her down in her bed but she refuses to let go of him, so he smiles as he takes his spot on the couch and drifts off to sleep, the young child curled up on his side.

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