The Black Family Legacy

Harry Potter got all the glory in saving the Wizarding World "single handedly"

He didn't


2. The Party (Timeskip)

Sirius smiles to himself as his niece totters around the living room of the Potter's house.

"I can't believe tonight is the full moon!" Lily says, standing next to him.

"She loves Remus so much, it's such a shame he won't be here for her." She frowns, watching as the child stumbles, but her husband catches her and stands her upright.

"It's her first birthday, Lils, she won't remember." Sirius assures her.

"It's getting late, I think we should put this imp to bed." James says, walking over to the duo with a yawning toddler in his arms.

Sirius takes his niece from him and carries her up to bed, the other two following behind him.

As he sets her in her cradle she sits up and looks at them all.

"What's the matter?" Lily coos to the young girl, handing her her favourite stuffed animal— a wolf.

"Moona?" The young girl says, her eyes becoming watery.

The three adults share a guilty look.

"Uncle Moony isn't here right now sugar plum." James says, kneeling down to her height.

He watches as her blue eyes fill with tears and her lip turns downward.

"Oh little swan, don't cry, Uncle Moony will be back tomorrow." He says, watching as her little lip quivers.

The frown deepens.

"Moona." She says sadly, hugging her stuffed wolf and face planting into the pillow.

The three adults watch as her body begins to shake and the newly one year old begins to cry.

"It's best just to leave her." Sirius says, tugging the other adults out of the room.

The door shuts behind them and Lily smacks Sirius across the face.

"What was that for!" He asks incredulously.

"How could you do this to them?" She scolds, an accusing finger pointed directly at his nose.

"Do what?" He asks, massaging his face, where a handprint was already beginning to form. "To who?"

"You had her party on the day of a full moon, not only that, but it started at eight o'clock in the evening!" She says.

"Inconsiderate fool!" She curses, turning to go back into the toddler's room.

She opens the door but suddenly stops dead.

"What is it?" The men ask.

Lily watches the toddler as she rolls over and stares at the bright full moon shining through her window.

And begins to hum the unmistakeable tune of happy birthday.

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