The Black Family Legacy

Harry Potter got all the glory in saving the Wizarding World "single handedly"

He didn't


4. The Child Learns

Remus is curled up in the corner, his wolf form showing, but his mind retained thanks to the wolfsbane potion.

His ears swivel at the sound of footsteps and he scrambles behind the couch to hide.

"Moony?" A small voice asks.

The man curses in his head.

"Moony?" She asks again.

She comes around the couch, seeing him in his present state, but instead of being scared she smiles.

"Moony!" She cries out, giggling, as she embraces him.

The werewolf watches as she walks across the room, slowly abandoning his hiding place.

She picks up the book he gifted her for a birthday present.

It was a picture book, up to the reader to decide the story.

Cygnus begins to flip through the book, watching the images move about.

Eventually the little girl yawns, and she shuts the book, curling up right next to the wolf.

"Moony woony moony," she mumbles as her eyes close.

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