The Black Family Legacy

Harry Potter got all the glory in saving the Wizarding World "single handedly"

He didn't


3. Remus (Another Timeskip)

"Moony, Moony!" An ecstatic two year old cries.

"Hold on Cygnus." Sirius says, pulling her into his arms. "Let Uncle Moony get settled first."

A tired looking scruffy man sets his bag down in the entrance and shrugs off his jacket, hanging it on a vacant hook in the entry.

"Hey there little swan." He says, his voice soft and breathless.

Sirius releases his hold on the child, who shyly stumbles up to Remus and embraces his legs, the only part of him that her short frame can reach.

"Remus are you sure you're alright tonight?" A concerned redhead asks.

"I'll be fine Lily." Remus assures her, patting the toddler on the head.

"Come on Cygnus, it's time for bead." Sirius says, pulling the little girl off of Remus' leg.

The child laughs as Sirius throws her over his shoulder and stomps up the stairs.

Returning down, Sirius runs a hand through his hair and embraces his friend.

"I'm so sorry Moony." He says.

"I'll be fine, I took my potion. The order needs you, especially since Gideon and Fabian—"

"Don't think like that. I know what you're going to say. You are important Remus, just tonight it didn't work out. Cygnus is locked in her room, from the outside. You should be all set."

"Go on Padfoot, you're going to be late." Remus sighs, shrugging him off.

"Come on Sirius we have to go kick some death eater arse!" James Potter says from the entry.

With a sad look to Remus, Sirius leaves.

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