The Black Family Legacy

Harry Potter got all the glory in saving the Wizarding World "single handedly"

He didn't


6. Harry

"Moony!" The two year old giggles as she runs to him from across the waiting room.

"What is it little Swan?" He chuckles, pulling her up onto his lap.

She squeals as Sirius rounds the corner, he's taking ridiculously large steps, but slowly, with his arms tucked in.

"Roar!" He says, and Remus realises that he is pretending to be a tyrannosaurs rex.

"Save me!" She squeals, jumping into his lap.

Remus chuckles as he stands, placing his arms around the toddler.

Sirius smiles as the little girl cuddles up to the werewolf.

"Guys!" James says excitedly, racing into the waiting room of St. Mungo's.

Remus and Sirius follow quickly behind their friend.

Both adults step into the room, Remus stays in the corner by the door holding the toddler.

The whole room falls silent when Sirius takes the newborn baby boy from his best friend.

"Nice one James." He says, and the whole room groans.

Remus refuses to hold Harry, petrified that he will hurt him.

"Come on Remus, you haven't hurt Cygnus." Sirius reminds him.

"Cygnus is different. She was older when we first met, and stronger too." Remus says, and the little girl in his arms glances back and forth between her Uncle and her Moony.

"Leave him be, Sirius. Remus will hold Harry when he feels comfortable doing so." Lily says.

And that is how the rowdy group of twenty year olds now had two children.

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