76th Capital HungerGames

We know about the plans for a 76th Capital children themed Hinger Games. But do we really know. It gets voted on, and even announced to Panem, but what really happened. Find out when you read this new FanFic HungerGames book. Follow Lark Abrueny as he gets reaped into the 76th (un annual) Hunger Games. Live his experience being mentored under Former Viktors, fighting former friends, and trying to survive this contest purely made out of spite. Hope you enjoy. (Monthly Updates) (8-2-17) :)


1. Chapter1.



 After the storm of the Capital, things where bad. People where ruthless, just to get to President Snow's mansion.
 And I was one of them.
   I remember it clearly, running through the crowds holding to my young brother's hands. My mother had let loose of mine, I was afraid of what was happening. Gunfire cracked above us. The Rebels had almost reached the mansion. My destination, not theirs. 
 Though as I ran half dragging him behind me, we nearly died. we where barley ahead of the rush. Peace Keepers had started checking identities. Madness after that. Our last defence fell while I ran through shoving anyone aside, moving on one thought, I need to keep him alive. 
  I did until we reached the circle to the President's mansion. When the Peace Keeper took him, shooting my knee to make me let go. I called out in fear of what they might do. 
 I watch them put him in a cement box. 
 Safe. Secure. Out of reach. Was what I though before the silver parachutes came raining down. I knew what they where. The other children did too. Gifts form the Capital. The gifts calmed them down until they burst with fire and explosions. Children's body's where thrown everywhere. Hands, legs,feet, and other limbs where scattered. I knew then, it was not the Capital. 
  I was confused scared and in pain. My father was already most likely dead. My mother somewhere in the mix, if she survived the crowds or the rebels. And I think of my brother, so young, innocent as a kitten. The Mocking bird will pay. 
  The children that where not dead yet where screaming and crying. I was still on the tiled ground. Blood seeping around my pant leg. Freezing as it touched the tiles. 
  When the Rebels brought their medics in I thought  we where doomed. A wall of them passed through. 
  A young blonde braided girl trips over my injured leg and calls a man over to help me. That was before I laid eyes on the one who caused all this. She caused this all from the beginning, her evil idea of Nigh-lock, her plans of escaping the Quarter Quell, the avalanche of the Capital base in Two. Then this, killing the harmless children. 
 Her face, scared and ruthless calls the name of the blonde girl. 
 Both so confused and alerted. I saw it happen, the second wave of bombs in the parachutes. It through Everdeen back and on fire. While the young girl was engulfed in flames and was never to be seen again. 
 As the smoke faded away I watch as they achieve their goal of Capturing the Snow. They stormed the mansion. Killed all the peace keepers. 
  I start to black out as they transport me to a makeshift hospital outside of the City. 

  I now stand in the crowd, a half year later, as they bring out Panem's new president, Coin. Follows her is the capital traitor, Plutarch. And after him, My true president, Snow. 
  When they have Katniss Everdeen come out, I back up trying to get out of the crowd, I accidentally back up into a male guard. I instantly recognized him, it was Hawthorn, the rebel that was always with Everdeen. The screams make it hard as I fall down. He half catches me, half pins me down. I kick and flail attempting to be free. He does so and I look up at his dark eyes. They showed no hate, or anger. I would have been kicked out if it where a PK. But we stare at each other. I blink. 
 "You okay?" He asks, give me a hand to pull me up.
"Yeah." Was all I could manage before the the place quiets. 
 We watch now me just in front of him, as she pulls in arrow from her quiver. It locks into place on her bow. She takes two breaths before releasing it into Coin's stomach. 
 The rush comes as Coin topples down over the railing into the crowd. People panic. My knees give out and I fall. 
  The rebel guard locks eyes with Everdeen as she fights the other guards. Her hands punching as swarms rush out in fear. Snow's  last laugh lingers in the air............

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