"Fury. Dragons don't exist."
"You're fighting beside a mystical god wielding a magic hammer, an 8-foot green monster that used to be a man, two 97-year-old war heroes frozen in ice, and a Russian girl who shoots red stuff out of her body, and you're telling me you don't believe in dragons?"


1. Badem Sky People


My ancestors sailed the seas for over 6 centuries. Our people never stayed on an island for more than a decade.

That was until we found Suldoins Keep. 

When we first stumbled upon the large piece of rock, it was rotting and falling apart. The elders thought that by saving it and restoring it to its formal glory, maybe one day, we could return. 

But we found much more than rock and shelter in that keep. 

We found the book of Arrowove. 

To those who lack the knowledge of Badem Fire Breathers, Arrowove was an ancient ruler.

They named him Arrowove King of Sky Demons. 

To my people, Sky Demons were protectors of the North and the West Highlands. 

As for the South and the East, that was Udham territory. My people named them "Ground Vultures" because they tore at the weak and the dead until nothing but bone and ash remained. 

But the book wasn't just a history lesson for my people, it held much more. 

Inside it lied the power to instruct your inner being...your inner dragon. 

We called it the eye of the abyss. 

It became our teaching, it became our culture. 

From young ages, we were no longer taught to tie bowline knots. We were trained in battle. Wielding swords and arrows at the age we became able to pick them up.

We were taught to break our weaknesses like we would a horse. To face our fears like we would in the face of death. To conquer our inner dragons. 

From the day we found that book, we were no longer, "Badem Voyagers of the Sea."

From that day, we were, "Badem Sky People." 



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