a self indulgent BNHA fanfic in which my ocs are in class 1-A at UA high
what am i even doing, really


1. i came here to kick bubblegum and chew ass

"Astra! You made it"

Astra didn't even bother to turn around when he heard his name called from behind. He stared up at the school he'd honestly rather kill himself than attend: UA High. This "hero" business wasn't for him, yet here he was. Maybe I should've just thrown the entrance exams.


…Maybe he should've paid attention, because next thing he knew, he was having the wind knocked out of him as a small but powerful force slammed into him. "SONCE!" he shouted, his body involuntarily jerking away from the girl at his back. He wheeled around, his glare radiating near-tangible irritation. Sonce just rolled her eyes.

"Sorry, I guess."

"'I guess'?"

"Ugh." Sonce snorted. "I'm so, so sincerely sorry, your royal highness!" She gave a mocking curtsy, and he cringed.

"Why do you insist on doing this?"

"Because I'm literally the only person who can get away with it. Because you love me."

Astra scoffed. She was right, of course, but that didn't make it any less obnoxious. "So, I assume you passed the entrance exam and didn't just come to harass me?"

"Was there any doubt from the get go?" Sonce boasted, hands resting on her wide hips. "Super strength practically guaranteed I'd pass!"

"The practical exam, sure," Astra replied, tone light as he turned and made his way to the entrance. "I'm frankly amazed you made it through the written portion."

Sonce was entirely unruffled; enough years of Astra's unique, almost cruel sense of humor desensitized you. She jogged to catch up, slowing as she came up to his side. "Yeah? Well, I could say the same to you, except about the practical exam. I'm amazed you didn't conk out!"

"I did, actually."

"Whoa, what?! And you passed???"

"I'll tell you about it later." He adjusted the shoulder strap of his bag, averting his gaze. He hated talking about his quirk, and he could only hope that Sonce understood well enough to leave it alone for now.

"Okay, but I'm gonna hold you to it," she replied, and he let out a sigh of relief. "For now, we should probably work on getting to class. You wanna be late on the first day?"

"I was on my way in when you interrupted me."

"Don't lie, scrublord, you were staring into space and dissociating."

"You know me so well it's nigh on frightening."


When Sonce swung open the door to class 1-A, Astra hadn't been entirely sure what to expect, and yet, he still found himself surprised. Based on Sonce's slightly crooked nose scrunching up, he wasn't the only one confused. A group of people in UA uniform crowded around the front dusk, a low murmur of something like concern hanging in the air.

"I…I'm a little scared. Is he…dead?"

"You're even dumber than you look. He's breathing, isn't he?"

"Hey, be nice."

"This is downright irresponsible!"

"It's…probably fine. UA does things differently, right? Maybe this is normal."

"The heck is going on?" Sonce stage whispered. Astra raised an eyebrow, but said nothing. He fiddled with the star-shaped pendant on his wrist as he moved forward. He walked to the throng of people and stopped beside the tallest person: a person in the back with messy black hair who stood towering over just about everyone. They had to be at least 6 feet tall. Astra tapped their arm once, the touch so brief, it was barely there. They turned around and looked down at Astra with disarmingly bright and clear blue eyes behind blue-framed glasses. Upon eye contact, he blushed. The gentle giant type, Astra assumed. He seemed nervous.

"Um… Yes?" he asked, his voice just as hushed as the others' around the desk. Astra took the hint.

"What's going on here?" Astra whispered. The other student turned to glance at the commotion again, visibly uncomfortable.

"Apparently, this guy's just been…sleeping here. I don't think anyone knows when he even got here. It's…bizarre." He gave an awkward laugh, his pale, freckled cheeks going even redder. Sonce came up behind Astra, a smug grin on her face that Astra didn’t care to think on. "Oh, um, friend of yours?"

Astra looked upwards, silently asking his gods for strength. "Something to that effect," he said on a sigh. "I'm Astra Mahi. Charmed."

"Sonce Lirsin!" Sonce chirped, her louder tone earning a sharp glare from a girl with long, white hair. "Nice to meetcha."

"I'm Toppurinn Thespin," the other student said, but Astra didn't miss the shaky smile he sent the white-haired girl. There was some sort of discord there. "Good to meet you bo-"

"WAH! He's alive!" A girl with curly blonde hair stumbled backwards into Sonce. "LOOK!"

Astra craned his neck and, accepting his inability to see over anyone, opted to peek between people's heads. At the center of the commotion, a very tired-looking man ran a hand through his hair and scowled blearily at the students. On some level, this was probably not acceptable behavior for someone who was presumably a member of the faculty, but all Astra could thing was "Gods, same."

"You all are painfully loud," the man grumbled, giving a slow blink. He gazed over the students, seemingly taking each of them in individually. "So, this is Class 1-A this year. Not a very promising lot."

Astra bristled, and Toppurinn flinched, blinking at him with wide eyes. Good. Intimidation is a valuable tool. "So, you're our teacher, I take it?" Astra asked, his voice a little too shrill for his own liking. Anger made his voice waver, which, in turn, made him harder to take seriously, and that made him angrier. "Not a very promising one."

"Hilarious," the presumed teacher intoned, seeming to take the situation in stride. The rest of the class, on the other hand, seemed to either be holding back laughter or waiting for the other shoe to drop. "I'm Shouta Aizawa. As the short stack in back pointed out, I am your teacher. For the record, kid…" Aizawa's unsettling gaze zeroed in on Astra, and he heard Sonce inhale sharply. "If you don't want to get kicked out, I'd recommend watching that smartass mouth."

"Astra, I swear, you're gonna get killed someday," Sonce mumbled through gritted teeth. Astra shrugged. Somehow, he doubted that. He'd imagined his own death enough that he had a reasonable expectation for that eventuality.

"So, anyway," Aizawa continued, getting up from his desk in a slow, awkward way that made the action look painful, "we've got things to do, so follow me. We're going to the field."

And, just like that, the man was gone. He slipped through the throng of students, not waiting for them to make way, and was out the door in the blink of an eye. Toppurinn let out a breath, and it occurred to Astra that, throughout that entire exchange, he hadn't heard Toppurinn take a single breath. Had he seriously held his breath that long? "Goodness, that was stressful… I thought that was going to get physical!"

"Please," Astra drawled. "If it did get physical, no matter the accommodations UA makes for their teachers, he'd likely be fired and tried for assault."

"Don't mind him, he's a different class of problem," Sonce said, her cheerful voice a sharp contrast to her earlier tension. She linked arms with Toppurinn, who suddenly looked like he'd rather be anyway else. "C'mon, you heard the man, we should get going." Astra had half a mind to pull Sonce off of Toppurinn, whose discomfort was plain and obvious even to Astra, but he turned to see at least half of the class had already left, and he was among the few stragglers having idle conversation. Far be it from him to allow that. Before Toppurinn could speak out, Astra turned on his heel and marched out of the room.

"Wh- Hey! Hold up! Wait! Dammit, Astra, stick together!"

…This was going to be a long day, wasn't it?

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