Oh no

Ruby had a really bad two terms, she made her teachers cry, her parents send her to a corrections boarding school and she meets the girl of her dreams.��️‍����️‍��


1. Bad girl

"Young lady, your behaviour has been awful the past two terms, all your teachers have left the class crying at some point. I don't know what has happened to you! We are sending you off to a boarding school designed to change and girls into good girls. We are so disappointed in you!"

My mum angrily shouted at me. I was shocked, my mum is not strict and she never shouts, also I was going to a new school tomorrow!

The car journey was long and no one spoke during the journey, I could see tears starting to come up in my mums eyes but they were quickly brushed away. Finally we reached the school, the school was large and grey, there was not a splash of colour in the whole complex. I got out the car and was pulled out by a large elderly woman with a black suit and neatly pulled back hair. "Well, you must be Ruby?" She asked me, without waiting for a reply she pulled me into the building.

I was pushed into a room with loads of uniforms hung up. "Remove all your clothes, we will provide you with all you need." The old woman said. "I am Ms Hollingsworth and that is how you should address me." She said strictly.

I stripped down to my underwear and I was instructed to take that off. The room was freezing and I am incredibly insecure about my body. She handed me an old lady bra and some panties, then I was given a shirt and a blazer. Before I had time to put these on I was instructed to sit down whilst she cut my hair. She cut all the die off my hair which I had spent ages saving up to get. She allowed me to get changed and she handed me a skirt. The uniform was a white shirt and a black and white striped blazer with a badge on it. The skirt was the same as the blazer. The socks were black and knee high and the shoes were black ballet pumps. Ms Hollingsworth grabbed my shoulders as I struggled to get away from her, I punched her in the nose and she called security. Two men ran into the room and pinned me down on the bed, a choker was put round my neck, it was like a dog collar which tracked my every move and could stun me.

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