Give Me Your Love || h.s

When I got the job as One Directions fashion manager, I didn't expect all this drama. I wasn't thinking about dating them either.


5. 5

One Week Later..

Zayns Pov~

I don't know what made me do that. It's get fault, she's so damn attractive.

Harry's Pov~

I heard Ashlyn's screams and ran to rescue her. Zayn had her up against a wall making out with her. But I don't think she wanted to.

"Harry help!"

I grabbed her and ran up to her room. I laid her down on her bed and then got in beside her." You know you don't have to tell me but I would like to know what happened," I told her.

"He grabbed me and pushed me into a closet. He kissed me but I said no and he got mad. He said a bunch of curses and then threw me against the wall and started to make out with me. I tried to get him off I swear, but he's really strong."

She cried and cried.

"I know this is weird but I really like you." I say" will you, Ashlyn Abigail Thomas be my girlfriend?"

She surprised me when she said yes. Then she surprised me even more when she kissed me.

I kissed back. It was a warm, passionate kiss. I worked my way down her neck giving her hickeys and making her moan. The took off my shirt. Then I took off hers. Then soon enough all we had on was our underwear. It was a deep make out session, one on top, then the other. And then someone opened the door......

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