Give Me Your Love || h.s

When I got the job as One Directions fashion manager, I didn't expect all this drama. I wasn't thinking about dating them either.


4. 4

No don't kill him. Flashbacks. too young to die. The awful dream from when you were young is back. NOOO!! You scream.

"Ash wake up"someone says in your dream. No it wasn't in your dream. It was in real life. And it was Harry.

"You were having a bad dream" he said.

"Do you wanna talk about it?"

"Actually I do," you say

"About 5 years ago me and my family were sitting at the table eating dinner. I remember exactly what we were eating too. All of a sudden the door was knocked down. Two masked men in black appear behind us. Give us all your money the had said. But my dad refused. So they shot him. And my mom tried to hold them off so we could escape. We ran to a neighbors house and then I heard a second gunshot. I was 13 then and my sister 12. Then something weird happened. Another gunshot and my sister fell, just as we had arrived at the neighbors house. All I remember from there was that I was taken to the hospital. They told me my parents were dead and I could never see my sister again. They said she was under shock. To let her see me again would remind her of the pain. So I was shipped off to foster care. The lady I stayed with was rude and mean and only taking care of kids for money. I had to clean the whole house every day and I never had moment to myself. I was also tired of being bullied at school. They said I killed my whole family. So as soon as I turned 18 I was out of that crazy place. I died my hair and sprayed tanned myself. I did it because I thought I could start over that way. Leave my past. Ya know? Then I began to sing all the time. I really love fashion,that's why I got the job. And here I am."

"Wow" Harry said.

And then I broke down crying.

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