Give Me Your Love || h.s

When I got the job as One Directions fashion manager, I didn't expect all this drama. I wasn't thinking about dating them either.


2. 2

Harry's Pov~

I can't believe the other girl quit. She said she needed more time to spend with her family.

Anyways we're meeting our new fashion manager today!

A beautiful girl walked into the room with Simon.

"Guys," he pointed to the girl,"this is our new fashion manager Ashlyn Thomas."

"Call me Ash." She said with a smile.

We finished the introductions and then we talked about life for a while. We got kinda bored so we all went to the mall.

When we got back to the hotel we decided to play truth or dare.

"NialI,"said," Truth or dare?"


"I dare you to make out with Ash!"

Niall turns to Ash and asks her if that's ok. She says sure. Then they start making out.

NialI Pov~

I grabbed her waist. I drew her in close and kissed her on the lips then I worked my way down her neck. She moaned.

"Get a room!" Lou says

I glare at him. He knows I like her.

Hey Guys!! Thanks for reading! By the way this won't be about just one boy, I will try to use them all in the story. Thanks loves!✌️

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