A fresh start


1. New home

'You're ripped at every edge but you're a masterpiece'

Halsey blared out of my speakers as I drove up the motorway toward my new home. This means a fresh start, a university where nobody knows my name. No one knows who I am, and there is no one to tell me who I am is wrong.

After hours of traffic and endless roads I finally reached Liverpool. I drove round and tried to find my apartment, which I would be sharing with someone named Ruby.

I found a large building that matched the address. I parked my car and bought a ticket, I entered the flat and asked where my room was at reception. "On the top floor?!" i exclaimed.

I went up in the lift as the stairs were too tiering. I walked down the hall and followed the room numbers. I could hear Aerosmith playing loudly from a room down the hall. I kept walking for what seemed like forever and reached the correct room. I knocked on the door loudly as this appeared to be the room that the loud music was playing from. "Wait a second" I heard a soft Australian accent call. The music stopped and the door opened. "Erm hi" I said nervously. Before me, stood a beautiful human being, with short wet hair, black skinny jeans and a nirvana shirt. "Oh fuck, you're Jess!" Ruby said. "Ha yes that's me" I replied. "Well, enter." Ruby said bowing at the door like a servant. I laughed and walked into the room.

The room was big, there was a black sofa with massive loud speakers on either side of it, a large tv and various posters of rock and metal bands. In the corner of the room there was a dj deck with beats headphones laying on top of it.

"Where's all your stuff?" Ruby asked. "Oh it's in my car" I replied, still in shock with how cool the room was. "Would you like me to help you get it out?" Ruby enquired. "If you don't mind" I said. Ruby and I walked down the corridor to the lift.

"Cool you play guitar" Ruby said whilst glancing at my three fender guitar cases, "will there be enough room for them?" I asked. "Of course" Ruby replied. Ruby grabbed two of my guitars and I grabbed my other guitar, my suitcases and my skateboard.

"Oh hey, I ordered you a bed but it hasn't arrived yet, so you might have to share with me, is that ok?" Ruby asked nervously. "Yeah of course" I replied. Ruby appeared to look relieved. I smiled nervously secretly quite happy that my bed hadn't arrived yet. "Lets order pizza!" Ruby declared. I laughed and agreed. Ruby jumped over the back of the sofa and sat close to me, "So, whadya want?" Ruby asked me, I don't mind, just get me whatever you have. Ruby smiled and rang up dominos, I offered her £20 but she refused and insisted that this was her treat.

After we had finished the pizza, which was amazing! Ruby turned on the tv and put on IT, "Are you ok with horror movies she asked me", clearly terrified but trying to seem cool. "Yeah" I replied.

Ruby flinched and grabbed me and hugged me tightly when there was scary parts to the film, she buried her head into my shoulder and whimpered, "tell me when it's over" I laughed and stroked her hair. Ruby looked up at me and smiled. I had shivers running down my spine. We both continued to watch the movie and when it had ended we slowly fell asleep, Ruby's head was rested on my knee and she was lay down on the couch, I was sat up and resting my head on a pillow.

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