The Final Knight

The Knights, who were once considered as the symbol of strength, were the remnants of the Old Age. In the New Age, the Magicians, who had higher advantage against the monsters than the knights, were the dominant forces. Elnoah Aris, the last and the undefeated Knight, was confirmed to be dead, but his soul was still in this world. How will this affect the Knights?


6. The Unwelcome Back

In the town of Manis, where Neil had lived for the past ten years, the treatment of Neil was beyond that of words, but Neil hadn't expected it to be this horrifying. When he descended from the forest, the first thing that ha had noticed was the fact that there wasn't a single stone of gravestone for him. Everyone simply considered him as a dead person, but it was still fine for him, he had already expected this. It could have been his mistake.


Knight Lord was worried, yet irritated at the same time.

"p...Please stop! I will manage to get the money!" Albert, who was once part of Noah's group, was now the laughing stock of the town. He found himself in trouble between Noah and Tales, the genius student in our school. 

"!?" Tales spotted Neil, who recently came down from the forest. A rumor spreads quickly. Everyone who saw him started to say that he was still alive and how disappointing it was. 

"Let go of him, Noah," Tales ordered Noah to let Albert run away. Noah joined him with the conversation.

"We have been busy without you! Trying to find anyone that had worse talent that you!" Tales begun to laugh, causing Noah to do the same. When Tales pushed Neil back as he held onto his shoulders with both hands, he felt how steady that Neil was. 

"Whats with him? He wasn't this strong, wasn't he?" Tales was somewhat shocked, but he kept his composure.

"Did you do some exercise in the woods, useless?" Tales taunted.

Neil was quiet because he was thinking whether it was right for him to use his powers against him or not. Even if he was a human garbage, it didn't seem appropriate for anyone to abuse their powers and do the same as them. It simply repeats the cycle again. However, one sentence changed this logic.

[Neil, give it your all]

Neil was surprised for a moment. He gained his calm shortly afterward and breathed deeply. While Tale and Noah was doing their best to discourage him, Neil announced.

"I challenge you to a duel!"


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