The Final Knight

The Knights, who were once considered as the symbol of strength, were the remnants of the Old Age. In the New Age, the Magicians, who had higher advantage against the monsters than the knights, were the dominant forces. Elnoah Aris, the last and the undefeated Knight, was confirmed to be dead, but his soul was still in this world. How will this affect the Knights?


9. The Undesirable Past

"Get out! You useless..." The grocery store manager used magic on a five year old disastrous boy named Neil.

It wasn't that he brought disasters into the town, it wasn't that he had done anything wrong, but the townsman began to blame everything that was considered wrong or undesirable to the fault of this small boy. Why? Because he was a useless human resource unworthy of anything. Magic was the absolutely important in this world, and anyone who didn't possess it was worth than a mere livestock. It wouldn't had been this horrible if it wasn't the fact that his parents are from outside and their identities were unknown.

"Mom? Why do people...?" A small child around his age spoke to his mother.

"Don't look at him or else you are going to lose your magic talent," His mother refrained him from getting along with Neil just because of the rumor that being involved with him would lower down one's talent in magic. One of the things that have been bothersome for parents were the fact that their child wasn't born with great talent in magic, when Neil's existence caused such rumors, one would rely themselves on such fallacious statement to lift themselves up. 

Neil's birthday wasn't celebrated, not a single time. His room, which he earned at when he was eight by doing all the housework in the orphanage, was always filled with discouraging words written in paint, not to mention that his room was a rusty basement room that had been unused for years.

When he heard that he had a talent in something, he nearly cried. Why? Because he could finally be accepted by others. 

[There are four characteristics of alternative energy known as the enhance: Healing, Attacking, Defending, and Speeding attributes. Knight Lords are able to use everyone of them, but you, as a beginner, will only need to learn one of them. You see... Hey? Why are you grinning about this?]

Having a goal truly was exciting. However, Neil couldn't understand why everything had to turn out in the worst possible way for him. What had he done wrong? Why was the world harsh on him? These people stole his happiness, childhood, and even a slight bit of hope that kept him alive till this date. What did he have left? Nothing. He was truly disappointed.

It became the reason behind the creation of the fifth enhance characteristic, [Stealing Attribute], the most critical ability to the magicians and the world itself. 

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