The Final Knight

The Knights, who were once considered as the symbol of strength, were the remnants of the Old Age. In the New Age, the Magicians, who had higher advantage against the monsters than the knights, were the dominant forces. Elnoah Aris, the last and the undefeated Knight, was confirmed to be dead, but his soul was still in this world. How will this affect the Knights?


3. The Nature's Will

While Neil was heading toward the orphanage, a group of classmates appeared in front of him. The group of them, arrogant, ordered Neil to join their little adventure to the Dark Nature, a forest down by the far end of the town. This forest has been known for its fifteen cases of missing residents. Neil refused to follow them, but they threatened to fight against him if he didn't work for them.

Neil would be able to stand against them, but when a fight broke out, regardless of who started it or what the reason was, it was always his fault. Why? Because not a single person believed him. It was like a town was playing a perfect lyric of harmony when it has come down to troubling Neil.

Neil was tired of having any more conversation with them. He decided to follow them and then come back as soon as possible. Walking down the stone paved road, he eventually found himself walking toward the Dark Nature forest, where barely any lights had come down to the forest because of the tall trees and vegetation. 

"Was it really right to come down here?" Albert, the frightened student with a short blonde hair and a pair of glasses, asked Noah, the leader of the group. 


The children felt something uneasy and dangerous. It was as if someone had been ringing warning bell toward them. Noah, now frightened, ordered Neil to stay while the rest of them ran away. By the time that their voices were gone, Neil found himself alone in the forest.

[You are finally alone]

A voice came upon Neil's mind. It was as if it had came from his body, not from outside of him. His vision was now blurred. His feet lost its strength and he fell straight down in the middle of an empty forest.

[I finally found it] 

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