The Final Knight

The Knights, who were once considered as the symbol of strength, were the remnants of the Old Age. In the New Age, the Magicians, who had higher advantage against the monsters than the knights, were the dominant forces. Elnoah Aris, the last and the undefeated Knight, was confirmed to be dead, but his soul was still in this world. How will this affect the Knights?


12. The Decisive Oath

Inside of the most heavily guarded prison in the town, a small boy was inside of the cage meant to seal monsters. His body was heavily damaged and his arm had already been severed. However, what had been hurt the most is his heart, not his body. He tried his best to fit in the crowds. He wanted to be successful as everyone else. However, he ended up in the place worse than he had been. 

When he was useless, he was criticized for being useless.

When he was strong, he was referred to as a monster. 

What could he do to gain their trust and acceptance? Nothing. It wasn't worth trying anymore. He lost his purpose.


Even when Knight Lord encouraged him, Neil was as quiet and still as a corpse.

[Neil, please, don't give up...] 

"There is nothing that you can do about me... I am useless... I wish that you would find a better host than me, this is my final words to you..." Neil's word felt lifeless and purposeless. It was as if a person was walking endless horizon of deserts without a clue of where one will end up. He had shut himself out of the world.

[Neil! I know better than anyone else that your talent is lacking! Your swordsmanship is worse than average and so is your talent as a proper knight! You couldn't even come to this level without me as your tutor! However! I can say this with certainty. You are kind! You have warm heart! You have what the others don't have! You helped that boy despite the fact that it would bring you a trouble, didn't you?]

Knight Lord was mentioning how Neil saved Albert. He could have avoided it, but he didn't. Something came up to Neil, something deep within his deeply shut heart.

[You trained harder than anyone, even when you were bleeding, even when your bones were breaking, and even when your body was begging for you to stop! You can't give it up! You may not be the most talent person I have ever meet, but you are the hardest working human that I have seen in hundreds of years!]

Neil began to sop, his eyes begun to grow watery. 

[You are the only person who is able to change this screwed up world!]

"b...But....I don't have the power to do anything....What can I do against thousands of magicians?" Neil finally spoke, but with a trembling voice.

[I will bestow you everything I have. My talent, my knowledge, and my courage as a knight with my own life as a price. My original purpose was to travel with you and spread the words of a knight, but it seems that this world wouldn't be willing to change by that. I wanted to stay longer with you, but this is the farewell.]

"I can't accept it, what will I do without you?" Neil shouted, he wasn't willing to lose the first person who understood him, the first person to know his pain, and, mostly, the first person who became his friend.

[Here is my final guidance to you. Surpass me. Surpass me and become the Knight Lord of the New Age]

Enhancing energy condensed and formed into a shape of a human once known as Elnoah Aris. He offered the hand to a wounded boy. Despite the heaviness and the pain from the imprisonment, the boy's shaking hand meet with the physical form of the Knight Lord. His experience, knowledge, and talents were becoming part of Neil.

"Good Bye" Neil lowered his downward. 

[Farewell] Elnoah finally smiled.

Neil's brown began to lose its original color. His eyes soon became as radiant as a gold, his wounds were now healed, and his hair was now the same the color of the night, resembling that of Elnoah. The Knight Lord may have gone afterlife, but his will rests within Neil.

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