The Final Knight

The Knights, who were once considered as the symbol of strength, were the remnants of the Old Age. In the New Age, the Magicians, who had higher advantage against the monsters than the knights, were the dominant forces. Elnoah Aris, the last and the undefeated Knight, was confirmed to be dead, but his soul was still in this world. How will this affect the Knights?


5. The Decaying Leaves

[What do you think is the most fundamental concept of knight?]

The voice, which had been quiet for a while, asked Neil during his training. Neil's training had been consisting of regular knight training which had been known for its effective status increase. He had already learnt how to keep all of the life energy to himself, making him unable to use any form of magic now.

"Strength?" Neil was somewhat skeptical about the answer, and it proved to be right.

[Wrong, it's the reason behind of becoming a knight]

"The reason behind?" Neil asked the Knight Lord.

[Everyone has a reason behind fighting. To protect those who they care for, to help those in need, or to provide wealth and support for the nation. Its the motivation, sense of courage, and the fight for justice that supports us]

"I see..." Neil nodded.

[Have I mentioned about the fact that humans can live up to as much as the elf race? Elves doesn't require leftover energy from their own body, they are able to earn them from the nature itself!]

The Knight Master spoke in friendly tone. It has already been a six month since Neil found himself in the forest. The leaves had already fell down to the bottom floor of the forest, and it had already been covered by the snow, slowly decaying back to the nature itself. Neil was now 10 years old. He had learnt basic barehanded techniques and his strength now equaled to that of Advanced Knight Trainee, a rank just before Elementary Knight.

[Would you prefer to leave this forest and discover the world outside of the town?]

The Knight Lord, in caring tone, asked Neil, who seems to be rather bored trapped inside of the forest.

"Of course!" Neil responded enthusiastically.

The Knight Lord, whose soul had been embedded as part of Neil, left descended out of the forest. 

[Neil Terran][10][Human][Advanced Knight Trainee]

Health: 500/500(Max Health)

Enhance: 1083(Knight)

Strength: 793(Knight Trainee)

Defense: 541(Elementary Knight Trainee)

Agility: 912(Advanced Knight Trainee)

Luck: 612(Extremely High)




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