"What brings you here, Clover?" He asked, quirking an eyebrow.

"Wrong place, wrong time," I smirked.


In which a girl wrongly ends up in a mental hospital.

Blythe is as normal as you can expect a woman in her early 20's to be. Although she just quit her job, she does enjoy life.

One minor detail; a crazy madman keeps trying to kill her. And this time, he shoved her off a building, and makes it so it seems that she is suicidal.

A great way to start the day.

Follow Blythe as she sorts friends and foes, uncovers hidden secrets, discovers the truth and sees the world as it truly is.

(I entered this book for the diversity contest, and yes, I know it doesn't seem to be diverse, but it's mostly a book about mental illnesses and their misrepresentations)

**** Temporary cover while I try and draw, colour and edit my cover****


1. Chapter One: It Can't Get Any Worse

Chapter One: It Can't Get Any Worse


Well fuck. This didn't go as planned.

Not that I planned this or anything. Okay, so maybe I did, but this day did not follow my planner. Fate should really learn to stick to my planner. But, seriously, ending up in a mental hospital was not how I thought this day was going to end up.There might be a reason I'm in here, though.

I might..... have fallen off a building. More specifically, a 70-floor building.

Perfectly reasonable reason to put me in here, this wonderful place. But see, my problem is, I didn't jump off the building. Someone pushed me down this really fucking tall building and made it seem as if I was suicidal.

Not just someone. The little bitch that's been trying to kill me for years. He should be the one in this mental hospital, not me.

He pushed me off the building and I landed in a garbage truck. It really fucking hurt. I feel as though I have some sort of spinal injury. Note to self: Don't ever go into or fall into a garbage truck. It smells nasty and hurts like hell. Then again, if Fate followed my planner I wouldn't have had to fall in one in the first place. Fuck you, Fate.

The garbage truck driver thought I was trying to kill myself and brought me here, with many objections coming from my side, to this amazing place. I absolutely love this driver. He really brightened up my day.

I glanced up at the building. It was plain, white and just straight out creepy. The name of the place has faded off with time, but I know it says Karzen's Hospital for the Mentally Ill. It was the only mental hospital in the entire city; multiple cities actually.

The entire building reeked of creepiness, probably because of the creepy insane people. Which apparently I'm going to be apart of now. So much fun.

A nurse, or whatever the fuck they're called, greeted me and the garbage truck driver at the entrance. She was in a simple white dress that went up to her knees with tiny white heels. Her chocolate brown hair was in a neat bun at the back of her head, and she held a clipboard in her hands, which had a pen attached to it. I didn't get to see what was on the clipboard, but I imagined it had a list of names. And beside the names a rating on a scale of one to 10 of how fucking insane they are.

Probably not the last part, but an "insane" person can dream. I mentally roll my eyes.

Man, if someone were to say my thoughts out loud, I really would deserve to be in here.

Her green eyes looked sleepy, as if she had many cups of coffee. They were hidden behind thin green round-rimmed glasses.

"Hello, I'm Nurse Laecy Kyx, but you may call me Kyx. How may I help you?" the nurse asked, in a slight Italian accent, arching an eyebrow, grabbing her pen, ready to write on that clipboard.

"Hello, K-kyx," he began, stuttering and butchering her name because of his American accent, "I would like to register this lady into your facility."

Haha, Garbage Man. I'm going to call him that from now on.

Nurse Kyx nodded and jotted something onto the clipboard. She turned on her heel and motioned us to follow.

"Right this way," She said, leading us into the building, "sir." She hesitated to add the "sir", and I could make so many conspiracy theories about it. But honestly, no one calls anyone else sir or ma'am, anyways. Not much conspiracy here, as much as I hate it.

Nurse Kyx led me into a room, with nothing inside it. She then locked the door and left. Rude, much?

Now I'm here, in this boring room with nothing in it but my thoughts, and my injured spine.

I glance at the ceiling, thinking about this day. What a strange day. I got shoved off a building, probably have a concussion, and I'm in this FUCKING BORING room.

I was only on the top floor of Icaerus Studios, the company which I used to work, for because it has a nice view. Icaerus Studios was a company that made photoshopped images to make money from the public. I absolutely hated working there, because I love photography, but nobody respects it anymore, with all the forgeries that Icaerus makes.

Then Keine arrived. He's a little fucking bitch if it helps. He always did this, finding out where I was, to try and kill me. I should have some sort of alert; he's definitely a stalker. On a serious note, I still have no idea why he wants to kill me. I've even asked him, dammit!

"Well, well. If it isn't Little Miss Perfect," he said accusingly. He pointed a fat finger towards me, making me take a step back.

"I'm not perfect, Keine," I stated, "But you aren't either."

I loved his reactions. It's so funny to edge him on. Maybe this is why he tries to kill me so often.

He growled in anger, taking a step toward me, menacingly. "What is your problem?"

"My problem is that you keep trying to kill me," I retorted, taking a step back. I felt my legs touch the edge of the building, before adding, "Unsuccessfully, I may add."

I probably shouldn't have fired him up, but it's so much fun. Nobody ever fires him up like I do, and it's hilarious.

"Oh really? Am I that unsuccessful?" He asked, taking one more step toward me before pushing me off the building.

It was sudden. He didn't even finish his so-called "sentence" before he pushed me off the building.

I fell down the building before landing in that foul smelling garbage truck, which leaves me to this empty white room, with only my thoughts to occupy me.

I made an internal monologue of my hate of the colour white, when a voice interrupted my thoughts, and a person opens the door.

It was Nurse Kyx. 

"Miss, you have to follow me," she said, opening the door even wider and gesturing me to come with her. I noticed she still had her clipboard and her pen.

I obeyed, as much as I didn't want to. If I fought back, they'd put me in jail.

Nurse Kyx lead me to another room, but at least this one wasn't empty. It has one large coffee table, and two metal chairs, that were also white. Clearly, they had something against me.

As with everything in this fucking building, it was white. Have I said how much I hate white?

"Sit," she ordered, talking to me like a was a child. I sat down on one of the chairs around the coffee table, and she sat on the other.

"Slaek informed me that you jumped off a building. Is this true?" Kyx asked, quirking one of her eyebrows as if daring me to give her an answer she did not want. Her emerald eyes were cold and calculating. It frightened me; they look just like Keine's. I was confused before I realised that Slaek was Garbage Man. Yeah, I'm still going to call him Garbage Man.

"I did not jump off the building," I stated truthfully, although she did not appear to believe me.

"Mmmhhh," she mumbled, and wrote something on her clipboard, "What is your name?"

I panicked on the inside.

I couldn't tell her my real name, for she could track down my history and I really didn't want that.

My mother always told me I was her "light" so I wanted to use this to my advantage. Lumière was an old variation of light in some old language, (just kidding I know it's French) and Lucia was close to lumière. So my "first" name was going to be Lucia.

I wanted my initials to spell LUK, because I really needed luck right now.

My middle name was Ilya, so I put a U instead of the I to make a new name. Ulya. My actual last name is my mother's, so for my "last" name, I decided to go with my father's, Kyrie.

I guess this name will work. It wasn't a person I know, and I doubt a person with that name exists. It's perfect.

"Lucia Ulya Kyrie," I said, completely lying, but she didn't know this, and she didn't need to know this. Not like I was going to tell her.

"Okay, so Lucia," She said, jotting down my name on her clipboard," why did the kind man think you jumped off the building?"

"Because I got pushed off," I replied honestly, shrugging slowly as I looked up at her.

Nurse Kyx nodded. She noted something on the clipboard, most probably not believe me. "Who pushed you off Lucia?"

"Keine Hearthway did," I stated simply. It was the truth, but I doubt she believed me anyway. "He always does stuff like this."

She didn't seem the least bit persuaded. She could have rolled her eyes and still have had the same facial expression.

"Yes, yes. And why would this Keine," she started, trying to pronounce his name like I did, and failing. "Push you off the top of Icaerus Studios?"

Since I lied about my name, she didn't know I used to work at Icaerus. Most people don't approve of Icaerus because it's one of the few companies that still hire humans for manual work. Most companies these days only hire humans for management or inventing. I would have to make up an excuse for being up there. But if she didn't ask, I wouldn't have to tell her.

"Keine has always tried to kill me," I said. "I still have no idea why."

Nurse Kyx nods and writes something on her clipboard.

"Has it ever occurred to you that..." She started, pausing. "Maybe Keine isn't real?"

The fuck?

"No, it hasn't," I said. Why would anyone think Keine isn't real?

Nurse Kyx nodded. "Slaek didn't see anyone, Lucia." I shrugged. Nurse Kyx observed me for a moment. She looked down at her clipboard and noted something down.

"Okay, " She put her pen on the top of her clipboard, "I've decided what to do with you."

Shit. Unicorn shit. Rainbow shit. I'm dead unless, by some miracle that I don't end up in here, I'm going to be here for a very long time.

"I've decided to put in Ward 7, in the room B7-3," she said, "and you'll take Zeanis and Kihl." FUCK.

When she finished her sentence, she got up from her chair and motioned I do the same. I complied. Nurse Kyx led me to another room, which she said was the lounge, which I quote "is where you will be spending most of your time."


I sat down on one of the chairs away from everyone, while waiting for Nurse Kyx to come back and tell me what I'm going to do.

I'm so screwed, but at least it can't get any worse






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