"What brings you here, Clover?" He asked, quirking an eyebrow.

"Wrong place, wrong time," I smirked.


In which a girl wrongly ends up in a mental hospital.

Blythe is as normal as you can expect a woman in her early 20's to be. Although she just quit her job, she does enjoy life.

One minor detail; a crazy madman keeps trying to kill her. And this time, he shoved her off a building, and makes it so it seems that she is suicidal.

A great way to start the day.

Follow Blythe as she sorts friends and foes, uncovers hidden secrets, discovers the truth and sees the world as it truly is.

(I entered this book for the diversity contest, and yes, I know it doesn't seem to be diverse, but it's mostly a book about mental illnesses and their misrepresentations)

**** Temporary cover while I try and draw, colour and edit my cover****


3. Chapter 3: Pick Your Poison

Chapter 3: Pick Your Poison

Plotting an escape is way easier in the movies. Probably because of the fact it's so fucking unrealistic.

That's what I've been doing for the past half an hour. Or an hour. I don't know, my internal sense of time is broken.

Xeina turned off the TV a while ago, and this still hasn't helped my concentration. I still couldn't formulate any plan. My only plan thus far was staying here until they thought I wouldn't try to escape then bam! I'd be out of here. But that plan still required an actual way to get out of this terrible place.

A bell rang. It was melodic, a tune that seemed familiar.

Xeina turned around in her chair, to face me. She rolled her eyes and pointed at the ceiling. "That bell. It means it's dinner time."


I shot out of the bed. I was hungry, so I got out of my prison cell. I was sort of lost, but I managed to find the cafeteria. Good thing a bitch showed me around this hell hole.

The cafeteria was half packed. One side held most of the people, and the other people sat in smaller groups on the other half. Weirdly, the side with more people was the side opposite to the food. Stupid, really. Why would you want to be further away from food?

I noticed that everyone was dressed the same. The women in a knee-length grey dress and in shoes the same shade of grey. The men in grey t-shirts and pants, with grey shoes. Everyone wore the same shade of grey.

I felt like an oddity with my entirely black outfit. My shirt had a v-neck, was plain, and black. My pants were plain black yoga pants, without anything on the calves. I was also wearing my heeled knee high black leather boots. I also wore my very worn black leather jacket. Yeah, I deserved all the stares I got. I almost looked like an agent. Or a frying pan. Because you know.. In the summer? Black clothes? This joke is dead because it's autumn.

Bad Blythe. No joking when no one can hear your thoughts.

Whispers broke out. Most of them just being "A new kid!" or "A woman at last!". What were they? High school students? My eyes scanned the crowd, and I noticed that many of the patients, were in fact, pretty young. I'm not saying that everyone was young. There were a bunch of middle-aged and senior patients. But most of the patients were either teenagers or young adults. A bunch of people looked around my age, but I could be wrong because I'm shit with guessing ages.

I went to line up at the food window. There were 5 people in front of me, all varying in ages and appearances. I, of course, stood out like a sore thumb because of my clothing.

It reached my turn to get food. The menu said it was pasta with meatballs. Simple enough. I got my plate from the lunch lady.

There was one empty table, so that's the one I head too. I probably would have sat with someone, but in the death trap, I'm unsure whether or not these people are sane enough for a conversation. Probably not, and I shouldn't risk my chances.

Pick your poison. Pick your table.

I sat at the table. If I said I ate my dinner in peace, I'd be lying. And daddy said not to lie.

Just kidding, I never met my father. He might be dead for all I know. All I remember is that Mother always referred to him as a dirty bastard.

I sat alone at the grey table. The benches were what you would expect for a shitty place. Uncomfortable and full of random scratches and carvings.

One carving stood out to me because it said: "Fuck you, Kyx." I relate to that person a lot.

A person came to my table. It was Xeina. She didn't draw as much attention as I did, but she still drew some attention with her ripped dress. She sat across from me on the octagonal tables.

Xeina didn't look as pissed off as before, but still mad.

"Looks like you drew up the crowd," she said, smirking. She scowled and picked at her food. She mumbled under her breath.

"Why are you sitting here?" I asked, generally confused.

Xeina tilted her head and gave off a look; a mixture between pissed off and sarcastic. One of her eyebrows quieted upwards sarcastically, while the other one stayed down angrily. Her eyes squinted and her lips rose in a smirk. "What, do you not want me here?"

"N-no," I said, nervously. I really don't want to deal with a murderous roommate. I would end up dead within less than a week. "I'm just curious."

"You drew up a crowd," She started, eating her food slowly, pausing to continue. "If I'm with you, they aren't going to go anywhere near you."

"But like why?" I began, lowering my hand to the table, confused. "Why would they stay away if you're there?"

"I have MPD." Xeina swallowed. She lowered her left hand, which held her fork. "People are unsure of whether I'm in my "happy personality." I don't have one."


"I don't have a "happy personality." I just have a lot of memory gaps." She said, rolling her eyes. "Like right now, I don't remember anything that happened last month."

"Well, not exactly true," She muttered as an afterthought.

I nodded, still completely confused.

"That still doesn't explain anything," I said, eating more of the pasta. I didn't like it like it, but I loved food, so I was willing to sacrifice.

Xeina sighed angrily. "Let me dumb it down for you. People are scared of me. I've been here a while."

She rolled her eyes and ate more pasta. She drummed her fingers against the table, seemingly bored.

A person showed up at our table and sat down, not even caring about Xeina angry face or my objective face. Xeina lifted her head up and raised an eyebrow at the person.

The person was a guy; dressed in the boring grey outfit. His shirt had a red neckline, a brick red neckline. He didn't carry a plate of food; he just sat down, right next to me, I'll add. I shifted so I sat on a different side of the table.

I'd say he was around my age; maybe 22 or 23. He had curly blonde hair which contrasted against his skin. He was Asian. I'm still confused how he has blonde hair! Maybe it's bleached? He had brown eyes and was decently tall. Him, like me, did have resting bitch face. He looked angry with a neutral face.

Xeina, being the scary/angry pile of everything she is, glared at the newcomer. He wasn't affected, for some stupid reason. Hmmm... Maybe they know each other... Maybe I can ship them! That'd be great!

"What do you want this time?" Xeina asked, rolling her eyes, annoyed. She huffed angrily and jabbed her pasta with her fork.

He looked smug. He smirked at me before smiling at Xeina. "Nothing specific. I just wanted to welcome the new girl."

Xeina stabbed her pasta, again, and rolled her eyes. "Go away, Cyrus."

The person, Cyrus, shifted in his seat. "You don't mean that, do you?"

"Of course I do," Xeina glared. "When do I ever lie?"

Cyrus' face said otherwise. Huh. Might need to keep him close. He might know more about Xeina.

He turned to me and held his hand out for me to shake it, and I was tempted to refuse it. But being the super polite person I am, I shook it.

"I'm Cyrus Melli, you?"

"I'm Lucia. Lucia Kyrie."

I picked such a cute name. That's too bad. Oh well, I can't change it now. It's too bad because I want to kick everyone's ass to the moon, drag them back and kick them again.

"I'm Xeina Daesis, but you already knew that."

Cyrus glared Xeina whilst I chuckled. Who knew Xeina could be funny? Not me, obviously.

Cyrus sighed and stood up, not in an annoyed way, but more in an "I'm-obligated-to-leave-so-bye-bitches/peasants" way. "I guess I'm off, but don't be too surprised if other people show up."

I raised my eyebrows, confused. "Wait. Why?"

Xeina looked at me like I was an idiot. "Have you ever been the new kid at school? People always approach you, even if you don't ask for it."

Oh. I had never really been the new kid at school. Whenever I was the new kid, everyone else was also a new kid.

"Oh," I paused, glancing back at Cyrus who was now a meter-ish away from the table. "See you later?"

"Of course."

Cyrus walked off rather quickly, joining a table that was crowded, on the other side of the cafeteria.

A while passed, and I still sat at the table, pondering my thoughts, while Xeina went to go get seconds. This girl could eat a lot of food.

A group of people passed by our table, most of the people being girls. One of the girls (whom I noticed had a black collar on her dress) got shoved into our table, and knocked over Xeina's pasta, spilling it onto her face. Shit. Fuck. Fuck me sideways with a rusty lunchbox.

Xeina's face grew dark and the poor girl resembled a small child who just saw a horror movie with blood soaked clowns.

This girl was in deep horse shit. I should probably run, but I want to see this go down.

"I'm-I'm so sorry," The unknown girl stuttered, traumatised. Her black hair was scattered over her face and covered her eyes. She brushed her hair out of the way, revealing jade eyes which were a shade lighter than my own, on cloudy days like today.

Xeina rolled her eyes, brushed off the sauce-covered pasta off of the ripped neckline and her skin, and turned to the poor woman, glaring angrily. "Just go, little girl."

The young woman nodded nervously and hurried to her feet and back to her group of people. I pitied her.

Xeina pushed her plate away, putting it on the other side of the table.

"This isn't even the first time this happened today," She mumbled angrily, gritting her teeth.

The same bell that told us it was time for dinner rung again. The melodic tune was so familiar, but I couldn't place it. It was haunting, seeing as I could remember it, but not to a memory.

I must have had a dazed look on my face because Xeina smacked my arm. "Snap out of it."

"What do we do now?" I asked, glancing up at Xeina's standing figure. I followed suit and stood up, quickly towering over her short figure. I'm wasn't even that tall; I'm 5'10.

"Whatever you want, honestly," She said, as we walked towards the large crowd of people, all leaving the cafeteria. "Some people have therapy, but most people just stay in the lounge."

"What do you do?" I glance at Xeina, who seems to be getting annoyed with me.

"I have therapy," Xeina brushed me off and walked off into the hallway to go to therapy. I'd say she was rude, but I would do the same thing in her situation.

Since I didn't know what to do, I decided to go to the lounge. Xeina said most people go there, and, as much as I hate interactions, I want to explore the lounge more, with a fresh, and not plotting murder (well okay, maybe a little murder), mindset.

The lounge wasn't far from the cafeteria, but what took longest was getting into the lounge; the sheer amount of people trying to get into it was insane. Like the creepy insane people!

The lounge was a rather large room; about the size of an average living room. There was a whole section of yarn; most of the elderly were huddled up. Computers were on the other side of the yarn section; people of all ages were there, and most of the computers seemed new. The other side was a whole wall filled with books. That side of the lounge was where I sat last time, but I sat in one of the tables near the bookshelves.

I grabbed a book from the fantasy section and sat down on the of the bean bag chair that was located on a wall perpendicular to the wall filled with books.

On the other side of the wall of books, facing me, was a coffee maker. I could've gotten up and made some, but this chair was too comfy to leave.

I read for hours, noticing that most people were gone by now. The same bell chimed again, and I headed back to the room.

The night came, and I was so exhausted that I fell asleep easily.


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