"What brings you here, Clover?" He asked, quirking an eyebrow.

"Wrong place, wrong time," I smirked.


In which a girl wrongly ends up in a mental hospital.

Blythe is as normal as you can expect a woman in her early 20's to be. Although she just quit her job, she does enjoy life.

One minor detail; a crazy madman keeps trying to kill her. And this time, he shoved her off a building, and makes it so it seems that she is suicidal.

A great way to start the day.

Follow Blythe as she sorts friends and foes, uncovers hidden secrets, discovers the truth and sees the world as it truly is.

(I entered this book for the diversity contest, and yes, I know it doesn't seem to be diverse, but it's mostly a book about mental illnesses and their misrepresentations)

**** Temporary cover while I try and draw, colour and edit my cover****


2. Chapter 2: A Lovely Hellhole

Chapter 2: A Lovely Hellhole


I think Fate is too blame for my misfortune. There is no way I could be this unlucky. I had to make my name "LUK" to get more luck. And that still didn't do me any good.

I pondered the multiple ways I could curse Fate when Nurse Kyx came back into the lounge. She looked around at all of the people in the room, before spotting me, in the corner, plotting her death. She walked over to my corner, with her clipboard in her right hand, her pen behind her ear. She also had another pen in her hand. Clearly, she didn't notice she had two pens. Dumb bitch.

"Lucia, you are officially registered into this facility," she said, saying facility with slight distaste. "If you'd like, I can give you a tour of this place and where you will be staying."

I would probably say no under normal circumstances. But with her arched eyebrow daring me to defy her, and my own inner-self reminding me that I'd look like a fool wandering around the halls like an insane person. Haha. So against what I'd like to do, I nodded and stood up.

Nurse Kyx nodded and led me out of the lounge and into the same hallway we took to get here. If you couldn't guess it, it was all white. How I love this place and it's home decoration skills.

Since the lounge was straight down the hall, we just walked down the hall to find the other rooms.

About that much down to the right was the first door. It was a plain metal door, that was painted white, like everything else in the hospital. Nurse Kyx opened the door and urged me to follow her in.

This room, like every single other fucking room, was white. It was quite large, and I estimated it was about all the fucks I have about my life by all the fucks I gave about cats. A medium amount and a large amount. It had multiple tables like a high school cafeteria all of which were a light grey. Fina-fucking-ly some colour! Well, on technical terms, it wasn't a colour. But who cares! It's better than boring white.

On the longer side, facing me, the was a giant window-like thing. It had a ledge under it which they had the other end in other room. There was a door about half a meter away from the window on the left side.

"This is the cafeteria," Nurse Kyx said, gesturing to our surroundings. "You will eat breakfast here every day at 8:00 until 9:30. If you arrive any later you will miss it." I nodded.

"Lunch is from noon until 1 o'clock. The same thing applies here as for the breakfast." She continued, as she put her other pen behind her other ear. She was going to forget about that one too. She placed her clipboard on the nearest table. "Dinner is from 6 to 7, and the same thing applies. The cafeteria is closed otherwise."

I nodded. "Are the tables reserved or does everyone sit at random?"

"They aren't reserved exactly, but many patients prefer to sit at the same table each day," She replied easily. "Your medications will be given with your breakfast. They will either be crushed and mixed in, or you will get them whole in the side."

I nodded again, understanding. This is going to be hell. Fuck me sideways with a lunchbox.

She led me out of the room and back into the white hallway. Almost directly across from the door to the cafeteria was another painted metal white door. It was a couple of centimetres to the left of being directly across. I started to put my feet towards the door but Nurse Kyx shook her head.

"That's the staff lounge. You," she started condescendingly, and all she had to do was point one of her pale bony fingers to be worse. Her italien accent also made the "you" worse. That sounds racist. I promise I'm not. I just fucking hate her. "Can't go in there."

I nodded my head despite the fact I didn't really pay attention to what she said. I was too caught up in my own inner monologue.

We continued walking down the hallway, walking until we reach a four-way, and each hallway that the four-way led too was white. I should talk with the home decorator of this place; they fucking suck at decorating. Nurse Kyx decided we have to turn left, and I followed her, mainly because if I get lost, I'm going to end up in some box and sawed in half. Classy.

I noticed the entrance, bland and white as ever. Even though I only saw it once. There was a door, pretty close to me, about my height, on the left. I quirked my eyebrow and turn to Nurse Kyx. I titled my head quickly towards the door. She nodded and grabbed a small silver key from a pocket on her chest. We walked towards the door and she opened it. Huh. She didn't use the key. I noticed she put the key on her clipboard. Why?

The room we had entered actually had colours other than white. There was a huge white desk, which had two pretty big computers. It had a ledge, which had many different papers, and it was about the size of my forearm. On it, were two identical green ferns, both in identical, rounded (almost a full sphere) white (with a shiny finish) pots. On both sides near the wall where 2 simple white chairs, on each side and each chair perfectly aligned with the walls, the chair across from them and parallel to the chair beside them. This left a huge space in the middle.

A person popped up from behind the computer on the left, startling me.

"Oh! Kyx! Thank goodness you're here," The person, a young woman, said exasperatedly. "My computer has gone crazy."

She fully stepped out, and I noticed she wore the same outfit as Nurse Kyx, a white dress, but she wore sneakers instead of Nurse Kyx's kitten heels.

"Who's this?" Sneaker-lady asked, her eyes falling on me as if she didn't see me enter. Her voice wasn't necessarily condescending, but it wasn't exactly pleasant either. She had a distinctly American accent, and compared to my French accent, or Nurse Kyx's Italian one, it was distinct.

Nurse Kyx opened her mouth to reply, and I tried to cut her off. Emphasis on tried.

"This is Lucia Kyrie. She's new and I'm showing her around." She turned to me and gestured to Sneaker Lady. "This is Kat, she's our receptionist. And this is the reception."

I nodded and took in Sneaker-Kat-Lady's full appearance, while Nurse Kyx walked around the desk to go and see what was the problem.

Sneaker-Kat had a bob of platinum blond hair, with bangs that went straight across. Her hair was completely straight and contrasted deeply against her dark skin tone. I could say I was the opposite of her. My hair was dark and my skin was pale.

Her skin was umber brown and she had tiny black dots across her nose. Her nose was upturned, a little button nose. Sneaker-Lady eye's were a striking mix of green and brown; mostly brown but with tiny specks of green, a grassy green. She had dark purple lipstick on, and it was so dark it looked black. She was sort of short; shorter than me and if I had to guess, even if I am shit with measurements, about 5'3.

I looked down at my two feet, at my black knee high leather boots. It had already been about 2 minutes and Nurse Kyx and Sneaker-Kat weren't done on the computers. I looked back up and tapped my foot impatiently. I am not a patient person. Put me up against a Dalaï Lama and I would probably knock out the Lama instead of being patient for whatever it was we had to be patient for.

Nurse Kyx shot her head up and gave me a glance before looking at Kat. Kat looked up and nodded. What the fuck did that mean?

Nurse Kyx walked around the desk and back over to me, hurried and looking slightly scared. Strange.

"Oh! Let's finish the tour." She gave a pointed look to Sneaker-Kat/Just-Plain-Kat. "I'll get back to the computer later."

Now we were back in the bad-room-designer hallway. Nurse Kyx led me to the left of the door, which happened to be towards the entrance. There were two doors within my sight; not including the entry door, because that one doesn't count because I don't give a shit about it. The closest door was on the opposite side, but based on the direction of Nurse Kyx, I assumed we were going to the farther door.

When we got closer, I noticed there was actually another door on the opposite side, on my right. But this door was a little more "inside" the wall than the door beside it.

All door I've seen thus far; and the entire building mind you; were all boring, disgusting white. I should probably ask Nurse Kyx why everything is white. I should also talk with the home decorator and tell him about his poor choices.

Nurse Kyx cleared her throat. I looked down at my feet and I noticed that I hadn't moved since we got out of the reception.

"Sorry," I mumbled under my breath while quickening my steps to catch up with her. She wasn't that far ahead, but she didn't stop and wait for me. Little bitch.

"Hurry up, Lucia. We don't have all day," She said rudely. I almost rolled my eyes.

We made it into the next room, and Nurse Kyx still hadn't used her key. This room was pretty bland, and just had chairs everywhere. About 4 rows of 5 chairs made up the whole room. The entire room was white, and so were the chairs. The chairs each had a clipboard on them, with a matching black pen.

"This is the waiting room," Nurse Kyx explained, pointing to the entire room. "You won't be spending any time in here, so it doesn't really matter."

That room tour was exquisite. Honestly, how else would I know what the fuck the room was? I still don't know what it is, so Nurse Kyx's tour guide skills are shit. She should sign up to be a zoo tour guide, they're so fucking useless.

Once we got out of the room; which, admittedly, didn't take very long; Nurse Kyx led me to another door. The door that was slightly "inside" the wall.

Nurse Kyx took off the silver key from her clipboard and she opened the door. Without the key.

What the fuck is the key even for?

She led me into another hallway, another white hallway if you could already fucking guess. Fucking hell everything here is white. Kinda like Icaerus. Everything there was white too.

There was a door at the end of the hallway, and two doors on the right side. This hallway looked familiar, but I could be wrong.

Nurse Kyx continued to walk down the hallway. It wasn't that it was long; I wasn't walking fast. Trying to soak up all the whiteness. Can you sense my eye rolling?

Nurse Kyx stopped in front of the first door. I walked faster to join her. The door was like every single other fucking door. Do I need to fucking explain it again? All the mother fucking doors are the same. Are we clear? Good.

"This is the therapy rooms,"Nurse Kyx explained, pointing to the ugly-ass door in front of us then looking down at her clipboard and scanning it. "This one is the one that you will go every afternoon at 2:45."

I stared at her, void of emotion because all my fucks have flown away. "How long does it last?"

"About 15 minutes per person. It varies from person to person, day to day," Nurse Kyx replied with ease. Great 15 minutes talking about your feelings and other general hell. I'm sure going to love this place. I love talking about my feeling so much.

We didn't go into the therapy room. I assumed there was one in progress. I was probably right, because I always am.

Instead, we continued down the hallway to the other door on the side. Nurse Kyx stopped and checked her clipboard again. I still haven't understood why she kept it with her.

"This is the classroom," she said, pointing to the chalkboard sign on the door that said Cooking. "Today's class is cooking, but unfortunately, you have missed the beginning. There's a different class every Friday at 3 pm sharp."

"Wait. Do I need to go to every class?" I asked, silently praying I that I didn't have to.

"You don't have to," She said, putting emphasis on the word have. "It's encouraged, not mandatory."

Her eyes that stared into my soul told me something different. My will to not roll my eyes is getting harder and harder to keep up.

We walked down further in the hallway until we reached the last door. This door seemed to be more familiar than the rest, despite the fact that every single fucking door looks the same. Maybe I've been here in a déjà-vu dream?

"You've already been here, but this is the patient waiting room," Nurse Kyx explained. Oh. That explains it. I went here while waiting for Garbage Man. An hour ago. My memory is clearly the best. "Sometimes this room is used as a solitary confinement."

I pity the poor soul who has to use that white room. We walked out of the back to the entrance. More white. Great. Fun.

We walked back in the same direction as if to go back to the reception, but we didn't. We turned the opposite way into another white hallway.

This hallway only had one door; a boring white door at the opposite end of the hallway, perfectly in the centre.

There were two other doorway-like doors in this hallway. It kind of reminded me of that other hallway; it was the same layout, but this one was bigger. Instead of doors, there was an open space in the wall.

We walked over to the first "door". I couldn't really see the end of another, fucking, hallway because they were a bunch of people. Boys.

Nurse Kyx gestured inside the room. "This is the men's sleeping rooms."

I looked down the hallway and saw a bunch more people than I saw on the first look. They all wore the same grey shirt and pants combo, but some of the clothes were ripped.

"Oh, look guys! A newbie!" Some guy exclaimed, pointing at me. Other guys started looking my way before Nurse Kyx pushed me forward, away from them.

We continued down the hall do the other semi-weird-as-fuck-door. I noticed another door at the end of the hallway and I tilted my head toward it, and Nurse Kyx shook her head and gestured to the weird door again.

"This is the women's sleeping room. Follow me, I'll show you yours," She said, trying to much me into the hallway. I stopped and pointed at the door at the end of the hallway.

"What's in there?"

"Nothing important." Nurse Kyx ushered me into the hallway once again.

Unlike the men's hallway, it was deserted. There were a lot of doors, all evenly spaced and white. There was a giant double door at the end.We walked down the hallway past one door. We stopped at the second one on the right.

"This is your room. You are sharing with someone," She paused and checked her clipboard. "Oh! You're sharing with Xeina Daesis."

We opened the door and, thankfully, no one was in it. At least of my knowledge. There could be fucking ghosts for all I know.

The room was moderately small, maybe about the size of a normal living room of a normal house. If you can't relate to that size, you make me sad. From where we were, there was a small bathroom on each side, evenly spaced and perfectly across. And white. Fucking hell. We walked further into the room. The room was split exactly in half, and it mirrored each other. There was a bed in the far right corner and one in the far left.

There were two black rugs, again evenly spaced, a little bit behind a brown couch. The brown couch was beside the bed, facing the furthest wall; facing a TV too. Huh. Also beside the red shag rug was a desk. A medium side desk, about the size of one and a half school desks. Beside it was a dresser.

I was slightly surprised that the room was so well decorated. But really, I couldn't expect any less from Karzen's. It was the only mental hospital in a 350-kilometre radius, give or take. And, it had the government's full support. So, not really a surprise, but I honestly didn't think the government would go so far.

It's a nicer room than I had before. That isn't saying much. But for this room's sake, I'm willing to try a and compare it.

"The left side of this room is yours," Nurse Kyx explained, looking down at her clipboard for like the fifty-fucking-ith time. "Xeina is very particular with her things, so don't go on her side."

I glanced over at the right side of the room. There were pencils and ripped drawing on that side of the room, and the bed was messier.

"The showers are at the end of the hall," She continued and pointed to the tiny room near the door on the left. "Your personal bathroom is in there."

I crossed my arms behind my back awkwardly. Now that the tour is done, I wasn't sure what to do. Do I go back to the lounge? To I hide from all creepy people? The possibilities are endless.

"My job is done!" Nurse Kyx smiled. "You can either stay here or go down to the lounge."

Oh. So that's what I do. I think I'm going to avoid the crazy people.

"Is there anything else you would like?" She asked, putting her hand on the white doorknob.

I shook my head. "I'm going to stay here."

She nodded in response and left the room, shutting the door gently on her way out.

This is going to be fucking hell. At least I got a nice bed.

I walked over to the bed and threw my body face first into it. It was a nice quality, so I'm probably actually going to sleep on the first night. That's a good thing.

I heard the door slam open, and a girl emerges through it, looking pissed.

"Who the hell are you?" She yelled at me. I jumped up and sat on the bed.


"I'm B-" I paused. I forgot I changed my name when I got here. "I'm Lucia. And you are?"

Her expression changed. She raised her eyebrows for a split second before she went back to angry. Just not as angry, I'd say.


"I'm Xeina," She grunted. She had an American accent like most people in this town, but not as distinctly American like Sneaker Lady.

I took in Xeina's appearance. Her hair was shoulder length, with a choppy cut. Maybe she cut it herself? Her hair was also bleach blonde, with dark brown roots, maybe about the width of an eraser. Her eyes were chocolate brown, but right now they had a tint of red in them; she was angry. Her eyebrows were perfectly arched and thick. Her skin was olive and clear. You could describe her as pretty, but right now she's angry and I'm slightly scared.

Her dress was the same shade of grey as the guys I saw in that corridor. Except her dress was ripped on the bottom, on the sleeves, and the neckline.

"When did you get here?" She questioned, still pissed off, but she walked over to her rug and sat down.

"Maybe like an hour ago? I don't really know," I answered uneasily.

"Why are you here?"

Now that was a difficult question. I could tell her the truth, but she would believe me. No one would. So I decided to go with the reason I'm in here; a suicide attempt. Even though it wasn't.

"Suicide attempt." I ran my hand through my hair and fell back into the bed before sitting back up. (You are in no place to judge me, this bed is fucking awesome.) "Why are you here?"

Xeina looked down and tugged angrily on some of the red strands of the rug, and I noticed a bunch of red strands were scattered across the room. "My psychiatrist diagnosed me with Multiple Personality Disorder. He recommended here, so here I am."

Her tone of voice was so annoyed, and the way she said psychiatrist was as if it were some disease.

I nodded. "How long will I have to be here?"

"Depends on you as a person," She started, rolling her eyes. "I've been here 4 years, but I give you 1 year, at least."

Oh great. A fucking year of my life will be wasted here in this hellhole. A lovely hellhole.

Xeina got up and sat on the couch. She put on a channel, and set her remote down, sinking into the brown couch.

I lay back down on the bed, my arms covering my eyes, and my head on my pillow.

I have at least a year in this fucking hellhole. I need to plot an escape.



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