24 year old Ember finds love in an unexpected place. This is their journey through life and love.

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1. Chapter 1- Job, Not Shoot

I closed my eyes, letting the water pound onto my face. I kept my face completely expressionless. My hair was soaked, as was the rest of my body. I heard the clicks of cameras.

"Alright Miss Cedarland your up for a break." I heard my manager say. I leaned forward out of the stream of water and rubbed my eyes. I was on set for an album cover photo shoot.

The band, Paramore, wanted me to be the girl on the cover. I, of course, was honored and agreed. Somebody handed me a towel. I stood up, took the towel, and wrapped it around my body. Yes. I was also completely naked. I didn't feel awkward though, because the shot was from my collar up.

"That was perfect Miss. You can head to lunch, and then we'll continue for a few more shots." John told me. John's my manager. He's the best manager of all time. He's the one that's made the famous model that I am. And before you say, model? Man she's gotta be stupid. Not all models are stupid. In fact most aren't. I'm also not one of those phonies that is bossy and slutty. I prefer to be down to earth.

"How many times do I have to tell you, John, just call me Ember.?"He blushed.

"That would be unprofessional." I shrugged.

"Fine. Be that way. " I teased lightly. I decided it wouldn't be long enough for it to be worth putting my clothes on again, so I just tucked the towel tighter around me so I didn't have to hold onto it. The camera crew adjusted there cameras, preparing for the next shoot. I left and headed towards the cafeteria. Men stared as I walked past. I personally don't think I'm that good looking, but obviously people must have seen something in me because I was a full time model. My hair was long and light brown. It reached about the middle of my back. Right now it was black because it was wet. My eyes were a light brown with small sweeps of green and amber in areas. Freckles dotted my cheeks and nose. My legs were long and tan, arms the same way. I had curves, but not overly sized. My teeth straight, but only because I had braces as a child.

Once I reached the cafeteria, I

grabbed a tray and got a burger and some fries. I hated eating healthy. Instead I just went for a run every morning. Also, I didn't really gain any weight from eating things unhealthy. I know I know, I'm lucky, but it's caused me some troubles before.

I sat down and munched on a fry absentmindedly. In reality I was watching the handsome man standing over in the corner talking to John. To my utter surprise, John pointed towards me, and the handsome man nodded and started walking over to me. I stopped chewing and stared openly as he approached. Gosh, he was really good looking. His hair was tousled and brown, his eyes blue. He had some stubble but not a full grown beard. He wore a dress shirt and suit coat over that with jeans. He sat across from me with a small smirk on his face.

"Ember Cedarland?" He asked. His voice was low and velvety. I tried not to swoon.

"Yes?" I squeaked. This man made my confidence disappear. Why?! Usually I was pretty confident around guys.

"I'm Damion Townsend. I'm a photographer, and I would love it if you gave me a call." He handed me a business card with a phone number on it.

"I think you would look great on the cover of Vogue." He winked and left me with my mouth hanging open in shock. HE was the photographer for Vogue?! What?! I felt rather exposed in my towel. MY TOWEL. For Pete's sake I was practically naked. I sighed and went back to eating. It couldn't be helped now.

Once I was done eating, I headed back towards the studio, my self conscious feelings gone. I pulled my towel off and climbed into the "bathtub". They set everything up and turned the water on. They made sure it was warm, of course.

They had me do several more positions. Ones with me looking up, ones with me looking down, ones of me standing and looking saucily over my shoulder. I was still buck naked, but after being a model for 2 years you get used to it. Finally after 2 hours, the camera crew called it a wrap. I sighed in relief, and grabbed my towel again. That's when I noticed Damion was watching curiously. His eyes met mine for a brief moment. A small smile played at his lips. I felt my cheeks turn pink. I quickly dried myself, trying to ignore his burning presence. I dressed hastily, using just enough time to make sure I had all my clothes in the right places. I was wearing simple blue skinny jeans with a light blue top. It had a scoop neckline and a keyhole back. I tried my best not to dress slutty.

I walked out breezily, not even giving Damion a second glance. I didn't want him to think I was embarrassed. My keys jingled on their necklace. It was one of those long garlands that fell down to your stomach. Mine had kittens on it.

The parking lot wasn't full, so it was easy to find my car. A little powder blue fiat. I climbed in and started the engine. The trip home was short, I didn't live far from the studio. I tried not to dwell on the fact that Damion, the super hot photographer, had seen me naked. In a shower. How sexual is that?!?!

I unlocked my large house and was greeted by the meows of my two cats, Josh and Callie. I pet their heads gently.

"How are my little babies..... " I crooned. They purred and rubbed their heads on my legs. I giggled. Their fur tickled. I walk upstairs, my bag slung over my shoulder. My house had 5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. I know it's extreme for only 1 person, but I say if you've got a big paycheck, go big or go home. The landing on the second floor was large and circular. The bathroom was on the left side. My bedroom was straight ahead. Inside, it was a lavender color. My bedspread had purple, aqua, and white chevrons on it. It was a queen size canopy. The throw pillows matched the bedspread. My curtains were white and floor length. They covered the balcony doors. They were glass after all. The whole room was bright and elegant. It was the master bedroom, so I had a bathroom in this room as well.

I pulled out my phone to see if I had gotten any texts. I hadn't, so I locked it and put it on the night stand.

Did I mention that I'm a huge antique fan? Well I am. I have an antique telephone on my dresser. It actually works and it's hooked to my home phone number. Along with the phone, my whole house was antique like. With mismatching wallpaper and plush furniture. It was everything I could ever dream of.

Since I had nothing to do, I pulled out Damion's business card. I dialed the number onto my phone and pressed it to my ear. It started ringing. My breath quickened and my heart beat faster as I waited for him to answer. Why was it so tense?! Finally, I heard his voice.


"Yeah, hi it's Ember Cedarland. From earlier in the studio?" I told him while doodling with my finger on my bedspread.

"Oh, that's right. Come to call about the job I offered?"

"Job? You mean shoot?" I asked, confused. I heard him chuckle.

"Ah, my poor Ember. " the way he said my name made me shiver.

"Once you work for me, you'll be the permanent model for Vogue." He told me. I gasped in shock.

"Are you serious?!" I asked in amazement.

"Deadly. Now, do you need time for the decision or-" I cut him off.

"I have one question."


"If I get offered another photo shoot, am I free to go and participate." I wondered if that sentence made any sense.

"Yes your allowed to. But remember..... You belong to me..." His voice got husky on the end, giving me goosebumps.

"Right..." I squeaked. I heard him laugh again.

"Well I take it you work for me now. Come in tomorrow morning at 9. I'm at the same studio you were at yesterday."

"I'll see you then." With that, he hung up on me, leaving my alone to question my decision.

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