"Maybe it's not about the happy ending, maybe it's about the story."

After her father died she needed a change, something new. She moved to a small town outside New York, where everyone went to change something about themselves, to move on from where they were, and she fit right in with the crowd. One of those people was a blonde haired, blue eyed, seventeen year-old, with an Irish accent.

A Niall Horan FanFiction

Cover by: Beautifully Music Nerd


3. Chapter Two

Chapter Two

Walking down this street on her way to her new school, she walked alone down the street, she didn't mind being alone, she had only moved here a week or so ago, so she hadn't really been able to make any friends. Her school was only a block away and so she reached it in about five minutes. She walked through the front doors of the school and pulled out her schedule, her first class was math. She walked around following signs, trying to find where this classroom was. She walked around in a panic, when she ran into something, falling over and dropping her books. She was quick to apologize,

"I'm so sorry I should've watched where I was going." She said picking up her books and standing up, in front of her was a boy he had light brown hair, and dark brown eyes, the front part of his hair was gelled up and he was about half a foot taller than her. He smiled at her,

"It's no problem, don't worry about it." She smiled back at him,

"I haven't seen you around here, are you new?" He asked her, she nodded,

"Um..yea I'm Veronica." She said,

"Veronica." He repeted, "Nice to meet you, I'm James." He said, she smiled again,

"Um..could you help me, I can't seem the find my class." She said,

"Yea no problem, which class?" He asked her,

"Um...Math." She said, he nodded and she followed him down at the hall to a door on the right. She opened the door,

"Thanks." She said,

"No problem, I have the same class." He said, and walked through the door with her. She took a seat at one of the desks and he took a seat beside her. She looked over and smiled at him, he smiled back.

The teacher walked into the room, he was an older man, his head was bald and he wore a suit, he stood in front of the class and everyone quit their chatter.

"Good morning students and welcome back! I'm Mr. Todd an I will be your math teacher." He said, everyone somewhat cheered but didn't really say anything,

"Do we have a Veronica? Veronica Gavas?" He asked, Veronica raised her hand,

"Here sir." She said in a quiet voice,

"Ah yes, the new student, welcome to Street Row High I sure you will enjoy it here." She smiled at her teacher,

"Okay I want you to take out your text books and read pages three through ten." Everyone in the classroom groaned but did as they were told.

The girl sitting on the other side of Veronica leaned over to her desk, she was a pretty girl with blonde hair and bright blue eyes, she wore a short dress that was light pink,

"If you come in here thinking you're all the sh* t you're not, I am, and James, he's mine." She sneered, Veronica nodded and continued on her work.

Once class was over she walked out and down the hall by herself, she didn't know where James was, but she continued down the hall past a bunch of kids she didn't know. She stopped at her locker and opened it, putting her math text book in and took out her science text book. She closed her locker and turned around to see a group of boys around her.

"Um..Hi" she said confused as to why all these good looking guys were around her.

"Hi we heard you were new and wanted to say hi." A taller one said, he had light brown hair that was gelled up and green eyes, he really was cute.

"Oh Hi, I'm Veronica." She said smiling, she hadn't noticed that all the other boys had left,

"Beautiful name, I'm Jay." He said and shook her hand,

"You're really beautiful." She could feel herself blushing, she smiled at him, did he really think she was beautiful? A five and a half foot, skinny, light browned, green eyed, sixteen year old girl. She did have light freckles and a small button nose, some days she did think she looked good, but was never able to say it aloud to herself.

"Thanks." She said still blushing.

"What class do you have next?" He asked,

"Um..Science." She said,

"Oh I have English, wanna catch up after school at the cafe?" He asked,

"Um ya sure." She said, he smiled at her,

"Great see you then." And he walked down the hall, she sighed and walked in the other direction to her class.

After the day was over she grabbed her school bag and headed for the local cafe. She had been there about twice since she had move there, they had really good hot chocolate. She walked at a fast pace down the street when she ran into someone and knocked them and herself over.

"Oh my this is not my day, I'm so sorry." She said as the person reached their hand out, she took it and they helped her up. Once she was on her feet she looked and saw his face, he was much taller than her probably six two or six three. His messy blonde hair covered his forehead, his bright blue eyes stared into hers, and if was as if she had known him all her life. He finally broke the slience,

"It's no trouble love." His voice was a thick Irish accent, that she found adorable,

"Okay good." She said in a quite voice smiling, she looked down at the time on her phone,

"I gotta go." She said and began to walk away when he stopped her,

"I don't mean to sound rude but could I have your number and maybe we could catch up?" He asked,

"Um..Yea sure." She said, and he pulled out his phone, she put her phone number in,

"And what's your name love?" He asked,

"Veronica." She said, he smiled,

"Veronica. Well hello I'm Niall." He shook hands with her and she smiled.

"Sorry but I really have to run." She said and ran down the street to where the cafe was.

She walked inside the cafe and saw Jay sitting in a booth by himself. She walked over and sat down smiling at him, she took off her jacket so that she was in her sweater.

"Hi." He said with a smile,

"Hi." She said smiling back. She stared into his green eyes, they were beautiful,

"What can I get for you to drink?" The waiter asked breaking the silence.

"Um, could I have a large chocolate milkshake?" He asked she nodded, and look at Veronica,

"A water will be fine." She said, the waiter nodded and left the booth. She turned back to Jay,

"Sorry I was late, I ran into someone." She said, he nodded in understanding.

In a few minutes the waiter returned with their drinks. Jay asked for two straws and put them in his milkshake,

"You want some?" He asked, she smiled and nodded pushing her water aside. She took a sip of the milkshake her face was so close to his.

After they're date was over they walked together on the busy sidewalk and talked,

"Yeah I have math homework too." Jay said, she smiled as the walked up her front steps.

"Well goodbye." She said,

"Wait." He said she turned to look at him. He stood on the step she was on and looked into her eyes. His face got closer and closer every second until his lips her touching hers. It was a short kiss, but Veronica's first. He pulled away and looked at her with a smile, she was blushing but smiled back. She watched as he walked down the steps to the drive way than disappeared in front of the house. She walked inside and laid on her bed sighing with a smile on her face.

She checked her phone and saw she had got some texts, she opened her phone.

Unknown: Hey is this Veronica?

Veronica: Yea who are you?

Unknown: It's Niall

Veronica: Oh Hi

Niall: Hi, I was wondering when you would want to maybe catch a movie?

Veronica: Yea sure that would be great!

Niall: How about tomorrow?

Veronica: Sounds good to me!

Niall: Okay see ya tomorrow goodnight.

Veronica: Yep goodnight.

She closed her phone and put it on her bedside table. She slipped under the covers and fell asleep in a few minutes.

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