"Maybe it's not about the happy ending, maybe it's about the story."

After her father died she needed a change, something new. She moved to a small town outside New York, where everyone went to change something about themselves, to move on from where they were, and she fit right in with the crowd. One of those people was a blonde haired, blue eyed, seventeen year-old, with an Irish accent.

A Niall Horan FanFiction

Cover by: Beautifully Music Nerd


2. Chapter One

Chapter One

She remembered his death like it was yesterday. It was five thirty one a.m. She was laying on her bed, reading, when she heard her phone ringing. She looks over it and picks it up, it's her mother. She answered the call,

"Hello?" She asks confused as to why she was calling,

"Hi, sweetie, I don't know how to tell you this but..." Her mother said, her heart beats faster for fear that something is wrong,

"Yeah mom just say it." She says, it's quiet for a few seconds then her mother's sobs fill the line,

"Sweetheart..." She chokes, "Your father is dead." Her heart beat quickens with every seconds, her throat closing as tears fill her eyes.

"Are...Are you serious? I thought he had another three months." She asks, bursting into more tears,

"Yes sweetheart, I'm so sorry." She hung up the phone and threw it across her room, this was the worst night of her life. She closed her eyes and laid back on the bed. She remembered every moment she had with her father, when they painted her room together, when she fell off her bike and he helped her, when her first boyfriend broke her heart he told her how beautiful she was, and that her life wasn't over and that she had to move on. This was by far, the worst thing that had ever happened. She remembered all the pain she felt that night as she cried in her bed alone. She remembered when her mother of home and hugged her tight, sleeping with her that night. She remembered how much she truly missed him.

And she remembered that one night a few days after his death when she finally accepted it, she remembered the exact words she had said,

"It's okay daddy, you'll go, and me and mom will be fine. But I'll never forget you, thanks for everything."

She remembered a month after his death when her and her mother moved to the small town they were living in now. She remembered how badly she wanted to forget all the pain, and move on, she would never forget her father of course, he would always be with her. But she did want to forget all the pain she endured. She wanted to be happy, but never forget him.

And right now that was like asking for the impossible.

Her name was Veronica.

And she had come here to change.

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