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When my sister Emily won the contest I was not very happy. I mean a guy who thought he was all that living with us for the summer? No thanks. I only did for the babysitting.


3. The News

"Ok kids, or shall I say adults? You may not go to school anymore but don't forget everyday is an education..." The principal rattled on and on about the graduation speech.

Before I knew it, everyone was throwing their caps in the air. Yay. No more school. Now to go pick up Emily from school.

"Hey Em!" I said as she hopped in the car.

"Hi," she said back

Then we pulled into my driveway. Let me explain some things first. Our mom got in a car crash 2 monthes ago and died. I mean we weren't sad because she was never arround. But we sold the house because it was too much for us both. Rico gave us some money because he felt bad about the situation. He's actually a pretty nice guy. But anyways we ended up moving into a smaller house. Emily made sure we had 3 bedrooms because she's still hoping to win that contest.



I head screams coming from Emily's bedroom and ran up there like I never ran before. There she was screaming at her laptop. I walked over and saw it was open to her email. The email said:

Dear Owner Of @niallsgurl

You have won our contest and now Niall will live with you for the summer. Please email us your address if you would like to do this.

I couldn't believe my eyes. I hugged her and congratulated her.

"Wait," she said "your ok with this?"

"Sure, why not? Aye free babysitting." I joked.

Hey Loves! Hope your enjoying! I need some characters soon! Details coming soon!😘😜

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