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When my sister Emily won the contest I was not very happy. I mean a guy who thought he was all that living with us for the summer? No thanks. I only did for the babysitting.


2. The Contest

"Emily turn that horrid music off!" I yell at my 13 year old sister who was listening to her idols music in the back of my black range rover.

"No!"she screamed back."Niall is an amazing singer!"

Who is this Niall guy anyways? All Emily and her friends talk about these days is "Niall Horan."I mean when I was her age I didn't spend all my days in my room on my fan page (because I've never had one) stalking every move an guy way too old for me does. I have to say though, Emily's fan page on Instagram has over 20k followers and has been noticed by the dude a few times.

When we get to the house I park the car and we hop out. I open the door and shout "Mom! We're here!" But there was no answer. I don't know why I even bothered, she's never there. She's always somewhere with her rich boyfriend Rico. Which, by the way is the only way we can afford such a nice house in such a nice neighborhood.

Me and Emily flop on the couch. Emily turns on the tv and flips the channels. All of a sudden there's a commercial. Emily stops flipping channels and listens to it.

"Are you one of those Niall Horan fan girls? Do you love Niall Horan and have a fan page for him on Instagram? Well if you answers all if the above, this is the right thing for you! He will pick the top fan page on Instagram and come and stay at that persons house for the summer."

Emily screamed and ran upstairs to her laptop. I walked into her room.

"Your not actually gonna do the contest are you?" I asked

"Why wouldn't I?" She asked

"I don't know" I said back and walked away...

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