''See for Yourself''

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  • Published: 1 Aug 2017
  • Updated: 1 Aug 2017
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A new world order will put mankind as we know it in danger. Behind all that remains the figure of a strange doctor from Russia.


1. 1.

   -You'll have to bring me the face of someone who will die anyway!-said Dr. Victorstein.

Тoboloff waited for the mafia doctor to continue. He was trying not to look in the eyes the big guards, who stood behind the doctor.

-One more thing-added the mafia doctor-take care the police not to disturb you, while you're doing your job,Toboloff . I'll wait for you to find me here in a couple of hours,OK?

Slightly disturbed inside,knowing these people weren't joking, Toboloff replied decisively:

- As you order, Dr. Victorstein!

The mafia doctor needed a face from anybody, in order to transplant it to the mafia boss he is working for, without useless questions and hindrances. The big boss face was burnt, a consequence from his enemy's trap who was ready on anything to eliminate him. The market for illegal weapons and munitions stagnated during the last several years and the big sharks in the business were simply ruthless in order to survive. There are just no place for two mafia lords.

Before leaving Toboloff away, the doctor gave him a note that says:


''tonight several poker-players will die of a hart-attack. Do not ask where I know it. Cut off the face of the one of them and bring it to me immediately. The address of the casino is on the back side. Don't waste time. Half of the payment is already in your bank account''



Toboloff, dressed in black, with black leather gloves, was in a hurry. He didn't want to use any vehicle in order to avoid useless noise around. No unnecessary questions,too. He simply wanted to remain invisible from start to end of his operation. His life was hanging on this dirty job. If he failed, he either will rot in the prison or will be killed by the mafia before that.



                                                                                      . . .


The autumn night wind blew toward Toboloff's direction and played with his collar. He, already in front of the casino, waited. Toboloff was expecting in ten minutes part of the men inside to have a heart-attack. Right on 22:45 and no second later. But Toboloff was still wondering how the doctor predicted these heart-attacks of these random people. Was the mafia doctor a medium, too or he made something these men to die? Maybe the answer is somewhere else....

Toboloff had no time for thinking anymore. Two of the gamblers had just fell off the ground. The rest of the clients panicked and started going out. When the last of them went out, cursing his luck, Toboloff entered the casino, masked from head to toe. First, he shooted the guard, then on the cameras. With no fear and regret, Toboloff cut the face of one of the men, leaving only his ears on their places. The mafia doctor was giving him a scalpel and showed him beforehand how to cut exactly. After finishing the procedure, Toboloff put the face in a bag with ice and went out of the casino. The streets were almost empty. He was holding the bag in his hand and felt pugnacious. Toboloff wanted to deliver ''the parcel'' as soon as possible and to get rid of the human face because it makes him sick. So, he chose an alternative road,slightly lit and shorter. It was 23: 25 h.



                                                                                           . . .


Toboloff's face was in sweat, like a new mask on him. Finally, the man reached the place where earlier he was with the doctor. One of the bodyguards saw Toboloff and told the mafia dostor. The con man opened the heavy metal door and said:

-Mission accomplished, doc!-and handed him the bag with the cutted face and the ice.

-You brought me a handsome one, Toboloff! Good job! And remember-under any circumstances keep your mouth shut! My gorillas know where you live!-warned him the evil doctor.

-Don't worry! I wish your boss full recovery. Goodbye!-with a shuddering voice said Toboloff and left.

The doctor couldn't wait more for transplanting the face. But not to the mafia boss. It was for himself. Not the real him, but his identical robot twin. The truth was the doctor was the real boss. Victorstein lied Toboloff about everything because no one in the world need to know that a Russian secret humanoids lab very soon would begin substituting the real people with robots in a human skin that will change the whole Earth population with a new breed, better, stronger and more powerful than today's mankind. The dream of Dr. Victorstein to clone humans as robots would finally came into realization soon. He worked over 15 years for that. And with the right protection from higher governmental places, in no time the mafia doctor would conquer the world with his plan. The extinction of people, those with blood and emotions, was gravely near.


                                                                                           . . .


Dr. Victorstein opened the gate of his secret lab. Thousands of secrets hide behind its facade. Identical at first glance people were waiting to be released and replace all of us. After that, we will become useless....like an old carnival mask.

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