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1. The Diddly DL




Alright my sweetums, 

My name is Alice, it's a nickname that I use online because your girl is not trying to get kidnapped or found and raped or some bull crap like that. I'm a sophomore in High School & I'm from Florida. I won't be telling you how old I am because lolz you thot. No, really though, I'm not the one to catfish people (anymore)  and do a bunch of crap like that and lie about my age and whatever; I just don't feel safe telling people certain things about myself & I think age is something I would like to keep to myself. I'll tell you if you ask personally, (NOT AT ALL guaranteed). Oh and no I'm not super young and trying to act grown bc smh. I'm a teenager y'all. 

I've had an account with Movellas for 3 going on 4 years though I have not been active on it the whole time. I take monthly long breaks here and there. I also get very bad writer's block (nah I'm just lazy tbh), so if you catch me writing a book or something, better pray to the Lord Jesus almighty or whomever that I update because ya girl probably won't update for a long time. Oh and I'm Christian too so please don't come to me with that Satan shii 

So maybe you're wondering, "why did you all of a sudden come back to Movellas, Alice?"

welp... I was bored out of my mind and I didn't feel like reading Wattpad and I low-key missed this trash ass website. So I logged on after taking ten years of trying to remember my username and password because I am the dumbest animal alive and kept changing them when I was using this account. (I'm gonna do it again js)  So I logged on and decided "hmm, let's see what I used to do and stuff" and proceeded to scroll all the way to the bottom of my mumbles or wall post or whatever the crap it was and I started to read everything I ever said on here. 


Now let me say something.


I was a child with, Social Anxiety, & Depression. No, I am not a stupid idiot that just says that because I was sad or something. I was sick and I hated everything about myself and I wanted nothing but to change into somebody I wasn't because I felt like that is who everybody wanted me to be. Somebody I wasn't. So thank you, God, I recovered from Depression, But just like sex (oouu she said the S word) It isn't fully gone and it never will be. I will always know that I went through something as bad as that and even if I'm better and happy... there are some days that I have to fight not to turn back into my old ways. 

If you put glue on two sheets of paper and stick them together, and then tear them apart there will still be some paper left over on each sheet from the other piece of paper. Got that from Hot Girls Wanted on Netflix ;)

But anyway, I told you this not only so you could get to know the real me but, also because I was a stunting ass trick back in the day. Seeing those messages of me telling people to call Sierra and or something and OOOMGGG the pictures of those girls who had the purple hair. Now bih... if I deceived any of you and made you believe that I was 17 with long purple hair and luscious red lips than 1. you need help (jk jk) and 2. Damn, I was LIT - no lol I'm truly sorry. I hate lying and that Is exactly what I did to you all. Truth is, I did model, I did have long purple hair as well. But no I am not white lol 

The funny thing is, anytime I didn't like the pic I was catfishing you all with and I wanted to change it, I would say "Oh, nah lol jk, that was my BFF y/n". 

But you guys were very nice with it and still told me I was beautiful even though, now I can tell, most of you knew I was a catfishin ass h0.

I don't put my real pic up bc lolz like I said, not tryna die.

I am a brown skin girl, with longish now black hair, littybop ass eyebrows, and a bunch of dimples. Okay, not to be conceited or anything but, ya girl ain't butt ugly. I'm just like to stay safe *wink wink

This may be long but sorry if you ain;t extra you ain't poppin.

I'm almost done I promise. 

My grammar is horrid, and if you caught this catfish back in the day and didn't notice how young I was with the grammar I was using than hunnnnnny, you hit! and not in a good way. Thanks, Chad Tepper, love you.

My grammar is getting a lot better tbh but yeah, this book is just gonna be a book where I- IT'S GONNA BE A YOUTUBE CHANNEL BUT IN BOOK FORM K, KEEP READING ILY bye.




P.S.A (don't even know what the 'A' is for but k)

If you're ever feeling down or sad about anything, you can talk to me. stay radical



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