What Shapes You

This isn't a story and it sure as hell isn't a fairy tail. This is a place for me to write my struggles, whats changed me into who I am.


2. The Curse of Imagination

Throughout my life I've had a very active imagination, it helps me write, it distracts me from the real world. When I began writing in 7th grade it was like there was direction to my thoughts and the things I conjured within my mind. Yet, now it feels like a curse. Some days it's like I've put my self into one of my characters heads, making decisions based on them and their personality. More and more characters invade my reality now, it's like I can't really pay attention to the real world because my mind is too busy producing someone who isn't there. I just want to stop, but it's hard. Like unlearning to breath, nearly impossible. When I'm bored it swoops in, storylines producing themselves faster then I can write them. It's my greatest tool and my biggest downfall, but it's there always slithering into my reality like the devil in the garden of eden. It temps me, pulling me away from those I love and into the clutches of an imaginary world. I feel cursed, like I escape time after time and get dragged right back. To me my imagination is both demon and angel, blessing and curse.

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