What Shapes You

This isn't a story and it sure as hell isn't a fairy tail. This is a place for me to write my struggles, whats changed me into who I am.


1. Blue Eyed Best-friend

 In elementary school I was a, how do a put this politely. An "Imaginative person", in other words I was that weirdo that ran around the playground pretending. Up until 3rd grade this was acceptable, but as the year passed kids turned cruel. So of coarse that meant it was time to start judging others. In 4th grade I was "blessed" with my best-friend Maddy. She changed me, she was the one who ripped my confidence to shreds. You see Maddy was a twig with blonde hair and blue eyes, I was...not. With mud brown hair and eyes I was not a looker, not to mention my chubbiness. I had never even taken thought to my "blubber" as she would call it on numerous, that wasn't okay in her book and neither was the fact that I still played make pretend. I was her little project, as a 5th grader I was introduced to the fact that I wasn't enough and I needed to be someone else. And you know what I'm both thankful for her and rueful. If she hadn't pulled me out of my happy world who would have? I'll tell you who, some jerky kid would have stripped me of everything. So as horrible as it was, thank you Maddy. If it weren't for her I wouldn't be strong, I wouldn't be with the amazing friends I have today. Bullying comes in my forms, even blue eyed "best-friends".  

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