The story of Leleanda Silkver

You've read the original Books of Throne Of Glass.
Now get ready for the story of an OC.
Leleanda was taken from her mother when she was born, and raised in a family of lies. Once she learns the truth, she murders her so called Father.
Now she is serving a Princess and her brother, the Future king.
Learn her story long before the main characters of the original series were born.


9. Chapter 8: More than Expected.

Leleanda and Cornelius walked around the castle court yard. Chatting and laughing. She was actually getting along with him.
“So Leleanda? What is it that you see in a man?” Cornelius asked her. She looked ahead in thought for a moment.
“I honestly don't know, I have never had feelings for a male.” Cornelius was shocked at her comment.
“Are you serious? Have you ever felt the touch of a man?” She took a quick breath in from his question. Memories started to come back to her. Throughout the past 5 years, she was called on by men. Many times. But she had never slept with a man.
“N-No” she looked down, and away from him. He sighed.
“Leleanda?” she turned at him. Cornelius pushed her against the wall, holding her wrist above her.
“C-Cornelius? What are you doing?!” She growled at him.
“You've never felt a lovers touch? Have you?” her eye's widened.
“A Lovers Touch?” she whispered. He smiled and leaned down to her. His breath was steady. Her heart was racing. His lips brushed against hers into a full lock. He slid his left hand from her wrist to her waist. Her body collapsed on the inside. Her heart had melted. The kiss made her light up with flames in her heart. He released her other wrist and pulled her into him, her arms slid under his arms to his back. He entwined his fingers through her hair. Her short, red hair. That was as red as a flame. His thoughts to himself were to drag her to his chambers, and claim her as his. His touch was gentle, and kind. As they pulled apart, she felt her body tremble. “So this is what it feels like. To love another?” her gaze met his. He smiled.
“Shall we take this to my chambers?” he asked her, considering she had never before slept with a man. She smiled lightly. Giving a gestured of yes.

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