The story of Leleanda Silkver

You've read the original Books of Throne Of Glass.
Now get ready for the story of an OC.
Leleanda was taken from her mother when she was born, and raised in a family of lies. Once she learns the truth, she murders her so called Father.
Now she is serving a Princess and her brother, the Future king.
Learn her story long before the main characters of the original series were born.


14. Chapter 13: All Aboard!

Dawn had just arrived, Leleanda was finishing her packing, and saying her goodbyes to Camilla and Markle.
Her steps were light on the wooden boards of the royal docks. She was in for a few months away from her home. She walked up the ramp onto the ship, waiting for Cornelius to arrive.
“We're leaving in exactly 5 minutes Milady!” the ship captain said. Leleanda was getting worried. Cornelius started running towards the ship. She smiled as he boarded.
“Sorry I was caught up!”
“With what?”
“Ah something!” Leleanda was getting suspicious.
The day had past, and everyone was sitting around the ship. Leleanda was sitting quietly in her room. As usual, reading the book about the lands across the sea's. A soldier saw her as he was walking past, he stopped and leaned against her door frame.
“Read'n bout the Lands cross the sea's are ya love?” she looked up from her book to the soldier and took in his feature's, wavy, shoulder length brown hair, blue eye's and a sculptured jawline that caught her eye. “That book ain't gon'a getcha nowhere over there sweet heart!” he carved a piece of apple with a dagger and placed it in his mouth, blade and all. “Maybe you should getcha head outta books and in the fields love” he smirked at her and walked away carving and eating another piece of apple.

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