The story of Leleanda Silkver

You've read the original Books of Throne Of Glass.
Now get ready for the story of an OC.
Leleanda was taken from her mother when she was born, and raised in a family of lies. Once she learns the truth, she murders her so called Father.
Now she is serving a Princess and her brother, the Future king.
Learn her story long before the main characters of the original series were born.


12. Chapter 11: The Truth Is Unveiled.

“Leleanda!” Markle said. “You were quite quick to volunteer!” he stared at her. “Why is that?” Leleanda was quiet.
“And I recall you weren't in your room after the part last night! And Cornelius was nowhere to be seen either!” Camilla had added.
“Where were you two last night?” Markle asked. Looking back and forth between Leleanda and Cornelius. Leleanda stared at Cornelius, his gaze was on him and Markle.
“Uh well...”
“We went out on a patrol!” Leleanda saved.
“Y-Yes, we went on patrol, we heard a noise outside the castle and decided to investigate, we followed that noise to the river, it was just a dear that got into the castle court yard!” Markle grinned.
“Right!” Markle said, Camilla smiled.
“So what was the noises I heard from your room last night then Cornelius?” Leleanda blushed. Cornelius stared at Leleanda, whose gaze was on the ground.
“You can't hide anything from us you two! Leleanda you wanted to go because you didn't want to leave Cornelius!” Markle chuckled.
“Okay yes, we were together last night in his chambers!” Leleanda couldn't hide it any more.
“I knew you two would make a perfect couple!” Camilla jumped out of her chair with excitement, Leleanda started walking out of the court room.
“Where are you going?” Markle shouted.
“To my room, where I can slowly die!” she opened the doors and slammed them shut.


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