Teardrops In The Rain

James. Sirius. Remus. Peter. These boys saved her.
Selene. The muggle-born witch.
Kieran. The Slytherin boy that befriended her.
These unlikely friends battle a rising evil at Hogwarts-
And when The Gauntlet– a goblet of fire for younger kids– comes around, they will have to battle it together.


2. Chapter Two


James, Sirius, and Peter were having a midnight stroll. Remus had refused, making some excuse about homework. "Remus," Sirius had said, "our second year hasn't even started yet, and you're telling me you have homework?!"

The others agreed with Sirius– Remus should get out more.

But Remus had stayed, so James, Peter, and Sirius were on there own.

"Sirius, are you sure we're allowed to do this?" asked Peter, the one who hated getting in trouble. "Peter, my friend, live a little," Sirius muttered. "What was that?" asked Peter, frowning. "Nothing," said Sirius.

James stayed silent. He was in a bad sort of mood, one that seemed to rob the others of their good cheer. "What's the matter, Potter? Cat got your tongue?" Sirius jeered. "Shut up," James complained. "No need to-" "No, I mean shut up. Do you hear that?"

They listened for a minute.

"It sounds like..."

"Is it..."

"Could it be..."

"SNORING?!" yelled Sirius, laughing.

"Stop! You might wake them up!" Peter snapped, clearly still annoyed by the "live a little" comment.

"Shh!" James said, trying to pinpoint the sound.

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