A New Beggining - Book 1 of Moon Catchers

[Disclaimer-This story may seem like a rip off version of Twilight, however it is completely original. It falls in the werewolf and vampire type of fantasy. This is a sneak peek of my soon to my published, hardcopy book series, Moon Catchers. Please leave feedback and I hope you enjoy. ]

The first time I saw her I knew she was special. I knew she was more than she knew. I couldn't help but smile. Finding someone like her is rare. Extremely rare...Very few full blood natives have dark brown hair and her untamed blue eyes...

My mother just passed away. Now I have to move to a small town called Faith and live with my father and older sister. It's pretty ironic that the town is called Faith, because I have no faith that my life there will be any good. It's probably some boring, small town in the middle of nowhere.
And I probably won't make any friends so why even bother going? Unfortunately it's my only option...


2. Hi Dad.


       Unfortunately now I'm only 5 minutes away from my father's house, and we're still driving on a road in the middle of nowhere. Would it kill the city of Faith to add a few street names? Oh, and who names a city Faith? I get that there's nice people and scenery here, but the name is too much. Oh, and now we are turning onto another nameless street. Great. 


      I guess I'm a little quick to judge. From now I'll do my best to calmly, constantly tell you about my life. As you have most likely noticed, I'm very sarcastic. I got it from my dad. Speaking of the devil, I'm pulling into his "driveway" right now.

     I pay the driver and grab my purse and phone. Then I open the door  and my dad comes running out of the house.       



        *Sigh "Hi dad."


        He runs up to me and gives me a hug, causing me to drop my purse.       

        "Dosia, I'm so sorry. Let me grab that! 


         My dad reaches down and picks up my purse.


"Thanks dad. I've missed you. Hey, I know this might be hard, but can you call me Theo?" 


       "Umm...Okay. I'll call you Theo."


Can this conversation get anymore awkward?  


        "Thanks dad. Umm, where's Josephine?"


        "Josy's at her boyfriend's house."


Of course this conversation can get more awkward. What was I thinking?


       "Oh, okay. So I'll see her later?"


         "You better see her later."




          "Nothing. Let's get your bag to your room."


    My dad leans over and picks up my suit case, and we walk into my old and new home. 

Everything still looks the same. We walk up the stairs and I smell the familiar scent of lavender. My mom used to hang lavender in our bedrooms to help us sleep. I walk into my old room and my bed is just how I left it. It still has my favorite blanket on it that my dad gave to me when I was 4. I unzip my suitcase and start to unpack my stuff, and put it in my old dresser. Maybe, just maybe this place isn't as bad as I thought...



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