A New Beggining - Book 1 of Moon Catchers

[Disclaimer-This story may seem like a rip off version of Twilight, however it is completely original. It falls in the werewolf and vampire type of fantasy. This is a sneak peek of my soon to my published, hardcopy book series, Moon Catchers. Please leave feedback and I hope you enjoy. ]

The first time I saw her I knew she was special. I knew she was more than she knew. I couldn't help but smile. Finding someone like her is rare. Extremely rare...Very few full blood natives have dark brown hair and her untamed blue eyes...

My mother just passed away. Now I have to move to a small town called Faith and live with my father and older sister. It's pretty ironic that the town is called Faith, because I have no faith that my life there will be any good. It's probably some boring, small town in the middle of nowhere.
And I probably won't make any friends so why even bother going? Unfortunately it's my only option...


3. A Walk in the Woods

I’m laying on my bed, breathing in the fresh scent of lavender, and just thinking. How can this possibly be my new life? I’m going to go to some small town high school, and live with my dad and my sister. I never would have dreamed something like this… I still can’t decide whether or not I’ll like this new, crazy world I live in. At least I get to be with Josephine...er...Josie. Heh, I guess I wasn’t the only one to get a new nickname. Maybe I should go for a walk. A walk is better than sitting here until Josie gets home.


I stand up and walk out of my room, and down the stairs.


“ Dad! I’m going for a walk! “ I shout as I walk towards the door.


I hear my dad yell, “ oh. Ok! Be careful and don’t be gone for long! ” from the kitchen.


“ Ok! ” and I close the front door.


I walk down the steps to our porch, and slowly start walking into the woods. I think I should walk down to the Old Fallen Oak. The Old Fallen Oak is a huge oak tree that fell down a few decades ago. My sister and I used to sit on it and pretend that it was a big, caramel colored unicorn . I slowly walk the old trail my sister and I made to get to the tree. I pass Redwoods and ferns on my way, and to my right I follow a creek.

When I’m about 40 feet away from the tree I hear something. I think I hear something in the bushes by the Old Fallen Oak. I have no idea how I can hear that from this far away, but I am 100% certain that I heard something. I stand partially behind a Redwood tree and listen.




A stick just broke. Whatever broke it must be big. Suddenly I see a huge wolf walk out from behind the bushes. I think my heart beat just stopped. I try to stand still but I can’t stop shaking. Then the wolf notices me...I’m a goner. The wolf looks me straight in the eyes and then...and then...smiles? The wolf slowly walks off and minds it’s own buisness. What the heck? Did I hit my head in the cab? Or did a wolf seriously just smile at me!? That’s it I’m walking home. Actually, you know what? I’m running home.

I run pass the Redwoods and the ferns again. I bolt through the trail and almost slip and fall into the creek, when Josie grabs my hand and laughs.


“ Haha! Hey sis! “


“How did you…” I try to ask but Josie cuts me off.


“ When I got home Dad told me you went for a walk. I figured that you’d come here. I was on my way when I saw you running down the trail. I started running towards you and then you slipped and I grabbed you. “


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